Recruitment Specialist Cover Letter

Recruitment specialists have the most important task of matching the employees to the best employers. They will always work with a certain organization for attracting the desired employees. They will start with the initial assessments of the job applications and resumes for screening the employees to see if their work experience, education and performance match with their respective employer. Most of the times they will be interviewing and administer all the tests for their prospective employers. Also, they have the responsibility of checking job references for determining which job applicant are best trained and educated for their hiring.

Recruitment specialists need to have a thorough knowledge about the organizations policies on benefits, wages and advancement opportunities, so that they can easily explain all the working expectations and conditions to the employees. At times, they might also have to write job descriptions and communicate the same to the managers, so that they have all the information about the job that a company requires. These professionals need to have a bachelor's degree, with some relevant experience in the administrative department and human resource work as well. They need to know all the regulations and laws, like the disabilities act and opportunity for equal employment.

From time-to-time these professionals will have to travel for finding job applicants. Most of the recruitment specialists will target the college campus. They always have the authority for making job offers for the respective applicants or they can give recommendations to the hiring managers. In most of the cases, they will have to file a report stating all their recruitment efforts. They will also be responsible for conducting trainings for all the in-house employees for improving their skills for increasing their performance. People who are starting with their career in this field will usually have to perform all the administrative tasks and they get promoted eventually. Below you will find a recruitment specialist cover letter that will guide you further.

Sample Recruitment Specialist Cover Letter

Chrissy Ruiz
652 Monroe Street. Houston, TX77016 713-491-8190

January 10, 2011

Mr. Thomas Mier
Ace Global Enterprise
1545 Duff Avenue
South Burlington, VT5403

Dear Mr. Mier,

After I relocated to your area, I am looking for a job opening as a Recruitment Specialist and I came across your listing in the local newspaper with your organization. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your further convenience. I am sure that you will find that my resume is illustrating all my abilities along with my background and education.

One of the most essential skills in the recruitment industry is the ability to communicate effectively with all the candidates that are being sought after. I am confident that my communication skills are top notch and I have got the skills to properly and concisely offer attractive packages to the candidates. I also have the ability to speak in the presence of a large group effectively, which was one of my job responsibilities in my previous job.

All the major organizations will heavily rely on recruiting at college campus and some of the high schools and I am always professionally dressed, and behave in the best courteous manner. I will give my best in learning all the aspects about the organization and about the open positions for hiring the best candidates for you. I am sure that it would be in our benefit for meeting face-to-face to discuss our needs and how skillfully I will be fulfilling them. You can contact me anytime at 713-491-8190 or e-mail me at Thank you in advance for reviewing my resume.

Chrissy Ruiz
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume, Letter of Recommendation

Since you know the kind of qualities recruiters look for in a cover letter. Make sure you write your cover letter in the same manner. Do not give a chance to the recruiter to not hire you. Good luck!

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