School Social Worker Cover Letter

In public schools, there will be numerous personnel who will serve students and help the school for running effectively. School social workers are the most crucial members for the educational team, because they will find the source of problems that has been affecting students and work with the students, school or family to find a solution. For most of the families, the school social worker is one person who comes first for information about problems that a child is going through. To qualify for this profession, an individual needs to have a master's degree in social work. These professionals also need to get the state's credentials, so that they can work in public school.

A school social worker will have a huge range of responsibilities. He or she needs to have remarkable time-management and organizational skills for performing all the duties effectively. Usually, these professionals find that the time allotted to them exceeds with the demands of this job. A school social worker will have to work with students, teachers and families for solving the problems that are related to student's achievement and their mental health as well. These professionals have to be prepared for managing crises situations whenever they arise and they should constantly be on call for these situations. He or she has to be familiar with all the social service agencies in the vicinity, so that the students and their families are well connected with the best service.

These individuals come into role when a student is showing abnormal behavior or someone who requests special training on a certain issue that is affecting the students, such as drugs or family abuse. A school social worker usually has to make home visits and he or she should be comfortable working with various people from all economic and ethnic backgrounds. These people need to have excellent interpersonal skills as they have to interact with different students every day. He or she needs to have remarkable public speaking skills. To get a job as a school social worker, you will also have to write a cover letter. A cover letter has to be well-written and strong in exhibiting skills. Here you will find a sample school social worker cover letter that you can refer to.

School Social Worker Cover Letter

Lisa Smith

2997 Bombardier Way.
Southfield, MI48075

December 23, 2011

Mr. Preston McCormick

Wakefield School
1590 Fancher Drive
Arlington, TX76011

Dear Ms. McCormick,

I have been looking for this job opportunity for working as a school social worker where I will be able to use my training and skills in this field for a good use. Therefore, I am sure you can easily imagine the excitement I felt after seeing this advertisement for the opening in this position. I completely believe that I have got the experience for filling this position and I would prove to be an asset for Wakefield School.

A social worker always has a unique opportunity for helping their parents and children in a way that no one else will be able to do. Knowing that you are making a difference in a child's life is one thing that constantly makes this job rewarding and I have been waiting for such an opportunity for enhancing my skills in this field.

I have achieved a Masters degree in social work from the New York University and I have more than six years of experience in this field. I have got the ability in promoting good development and for helping students utilize the available resources based on each individuals needs.

My experience includes group and individual counseling sessions for students and helping them coping with different problems, so that they can overcome their behavioral issues. I have given feedback to the required administrators and teachers along the best method of action to be followed for each child.

I have always served as a liaison between the kids and others concerned and have the required knowledge for assessing situations with high risk and made appropriate recommendations based on the level of risk factor involved. Please give me a call 734-887-1570 or mail me at at to set up a date and time for the interview.


Lisa Smith

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This is how your school social worker cover letter looks. You don't have to be flowery or creative in your language. Just add the information that will help you stand above the rest. All the best, give your best shot!

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