Selector Cover Letter

The duties of a selector will vary depending on the kind of business and the system in place for completing the orders. These professionals usually have to choose pallets or products, which have been ordered and are supposed to be moved from one place to another for restocking or shipping. Sometimes the selector will also have to load products inside the customer's vehicle. These people have to fill out individual orders by selecting products from the warehouse shelf. These items are then kept in a box with an order copy showing that every item has been checked off.

A selector will also have restock items and orders, which have been returned by the customers. Every item returned has to be placed in its proper location and added back inside the inventory. Items must be checked if they are damaged or if there are any missing parts, which must be returned for getting a new product. The selector will also have to unload the truck and trailer for products as soon as they come in. All these products then have to be stocked in their right location. All the sealed and completed orders, which are ready for shipping, will be stacked inside the shipping pallet and the selector will have to make sure that all of this is functioning in the right manner.

The selector these days has to be a computer literate, so that he or she can manage the inventor tracking through computer software. All these orders will then be tracked from the computer software program. Therefore, selectors also need to have an eye for detail since they have to take care of lot of different things throughout the day. Writing a cover letter is not as difficult as it sounds, in fact it is very simple. All you need to do is right down all your important details in a formal manner, so that the employer gets impressed. This article will provide with an example selector cover letter that will be great for your reference.

Selector Cover Letter

Elizabeth Upshaw
3989 Post Farm Road
Atlanta, GA 30309
Mobile: 404-208-2372
E-mail id:
Date: 2 January, 2011

Shawn Johnson
CNW Brothers Ltd.
1778 Thorn Street
Mountain View, WY 82939

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Today, I would request you to consider my application for the position of selector and find my attached resume for further review. Once you have read my credentials I can assure you that I have got the experience required for filling this position and for becoming a valued member for the team at Vista Distributers.

A brief summary is provided below about my training and skills, I have experience:

During my experience I have also acquired remarkable communication skills and I have met every single physical requirement of this field. Currently, I am continuing my education and looking for a bachelor's degree in business.

I am very confident that a meeting with you will be highly beneficial for both of us and I would appreciate if you schedule an interview, so that we can meet and discuss my qualifications and your requirements for this position. Please call me on (404-208-2372) at your convenience for setting up a date for the meeting.


Elizabeth Upshaw

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Selectors are highly skilled professionals who have to take care of multiple tasks. Therefore, make sure that your cover letter reflects the same.

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