Staffing Specialist Cover Letter

A staffing specialist cover letter will serve its purpose only if it can describe your qualifications in a very expressive tone. Using your cover letter, you can emphasize on your overall qualifications and inclination for this profession. Most of the times, it's your cover letter that helps the recruiter to analyze your competency and decide whether you qualify for the interview and the job subsequently.

Drafting a staffing specialist cover letter is easy because you just need to present your qualifications for this job in writing. The skills and experiences that combine to make you a staffing specialist need to reflect in your cover letter. Also make sure that you adopt a formal tone while drafting this cover letter that highlights your professionalism. Do not mention your interests and other information as it is not counted in your qualifications. Once you finish writing the cover letter, cross check for any errors and correct them at the earliest.

Job of a Staffing Specialist

A staffing specialist acts as a middleman between the organization and the candidate who wishes to apply for a job in the particular organization. They work with staffing agencies and liaise with different companies to provide competent candidates for various positions. Staffing specialists have to meet different students who are completing their education and colleges where they can find large number of students for different requirements. They need to manage different activities and ensure that the manpower requirements of the organization are filled in reasonable time. Staffing specialists must be excellent communicators and should have an eye to spot the right candidates so that the recruiting company gets benefitted. Go through a sample of staffing specialist cover letter that has been provided for your guidance.

Sample Staffing Specialist Cover Letter

Roy Miller
41, Tampa Apartments, 15th North Street
San Jose, California 49230
United States

Date: November 18th 2011

Janie Nicholson
Recruitment Officer
Manpower Inc.
San Jose, California 49255

Subject: Application for the job advertisement of Staffing Specialist in Recruit Listings

Dear Janie,

I read the advertisement posted in Recruit Listings and I am glad to find this opportunity. I am very much interested in joining your organization due to the career prospects it offers. I am an experienced staffing specialist with all the necessary qualifications you posted along with the job.

I have been associated with Jerome Manpower Consultants for the past five years. During this period I have been serving to the requirements of different organizations. I handle a team of six individuals who are involved with me in the different activities of staffing. Being the team leader, I am actively involved in every phase right from negotiating with the clients to offering them the most suitable candidates. I have an observant attitude that helps me to assess the competency and attitude of the candidates. Along with the staffing activities, I am also responsible for managing the database of existing clients and meeting with prospective clients to enhance business prospects for the organization.

I can assure you that if given a chance, I will definitely prove to be a worthy employee and also help the organization in expanding its business through my marketing and relation building skills.

Please find my resume, reference letters and credentials and feel free to contact me as and when you require any further information. Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading my letter and I do expect a positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely,
Roy Miller

You can notice that the sample staffing specialist cover letter comprises specific professional details of the applicant that will definitely help the recruiter to understand whether this applicant fits into the job profile or not. Keep this fact in mind when your draft your cover letter so as to impress the employer.

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