Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

Teaching jobs are highly in demand, and along with the necessary education, training, and teaching experience, you must be prepared with a cover letter and a resume for applying to educational institutions. If your experience is teaching elementary school students, then your teaching cover letter needs to demonstrate your skills and experience for the job. When the cover letter is impressive, the hiring manager will definitely give a look to your resume. But this is possible only when the you use the accepted cover letter format and describe your accomplishments in a flawless manner.

Cover Letter Format:

A teaching job application cover letter must have a standard format like given below:

Contact Information:
Applicant's Full Name
City, State, Zip code
Phone Number
Email Address

Recipient's Contact Information:
Full Name and job title
School Name
City, State, Zip code


Dear Principal (Last name of the recipient),

Opening Paragraph:

Introduce yourself and the job applied for. In the next line, describe your skills, experience, and what you can do for the prospective employer.

Body Paragraph – (2 or 3 paragraphs):

Demonstrate your accomplishments and what your teaching experience has made you. Describe your strength and how you can help students and their parents.


Reiterate your interest in the job. Be confident, but polite, and ask when can you meet for a personal discussion. You can even provide the time to contact you. Lastly, don't forget to thank the reader for his/her time.

Closing Greeting:


Write your full name and sign above it



Reference letters (if asked by the employer)

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Mandy Stewart
294 Dove Bay Street
Mystic Falls, CA 93850
Mobile: 376-xxx-2846
E-mail id: s.mandy@example.com

July 18, 2019

Justin James
Sliverdale Elementary School
15 Mansion Heights
Beverly Hills, CA 93850

Dear Mr. James,

I am pleased to apply for the Elementary School Teacher position the job vacancy of which you posted in yesterday's Time Square daily. It's a great opportunity for me to fulfill my dream of working with your esteemed institution. I believe my 7+ years of elementary teaching experience and skills to provide all-round education to young minds make me the most deserved candidate for the job. I am confident of proving myself as an asset for your organization because of my teaching skills and experience.

The enclosed resume demonstrates my teaching experience that has been directed towards helping students of elementary school to gear up for their high school studies. I am passionate about educating young minds and enjoy every bit of moment spent with them. For me, nurturing them is like following one of the ten commandments of God.

During my teaching course, I have educated children with normal, and average intelligence levels. I even had the opportunity to teach students with learning disabilities and the experience of which has made me a better person and a teacher. I have become proficient in designing educational programs that can motivate and engage students as well as improve their intelligence level.

Some of my greatest strengths include teaching students as per their intelligence level, motivate and inspire them to excel in academic courses. I am adept at answering and satisfying their eagerness for any topic through creative means and unforgettable manners. I pick up real-life examples to help students understand lessons better. Furthermore, I have become an expert in coordinating with parents, conducting teacher conferences, and reinforcing education at the ground level.

I would appreciate if I am given a chance to meet you in person to discuss at length on how your students can benefit from my teaching experience. I am very much interested to work with you. Is it okay to call you this coming Monday at 11 am? I am also available at the given number in between 9 am to 7 pm.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.


Mandy Stewart

Enclosure: a) Resume
b) Two reference letters.

Follow the above-given format and elementary teacher cover letter to get an interview call from prospective employers.

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