High School Principal Cover Letter

High school principal is a person who manages the operations of the entire school, including the staff, students, custodians and security employees. The high school principal has to exhibit strong leadership skills inside the management to ensure that everything is running smoothly. In addition, he or she will have to make sure that the support staff is getting only good quality professional development. Along with managing the senior high school, the principal has to supervise the assistant superintendents and superintendents that come under the school district.

The job responsibility of a high school principal is managing the operations of the school for meeting all the objectives and goals. For the same reason, every principal will establish a committee inside the school who will be responsible for organizing the student schedule. On day-to-day basis, a high school principal will have to perform a number of tasks, along with overseeing the staff performance, checking the student behavior, and making sure that all the academic programs are thriving properly. They will also have to come up with a fixed budget for the school every year.

Also, they have the responsibility of directing the curriculum, so that the students are all set for their graduation and provide them with the best environment in the school, which is set as per the district rules. High principal will constantly have to make sure that all the students are following the guidelines and code of conduct set by the school. These professionals need to have remarkable leadership and interpersonal skills. They should know how to implement, manage, and structure a whole range of business projects for the school. In addition, they need to have good analytical and organizational skills.

Most of the principals should have a master's degree in fields related to school administration. Also, they will have to acquire the state license for education administration. If you have the experience, skills, and education and looking for a change, then start applying for jobs with a good cover letter. Here is an example high school principal cover letter that can guide you further.

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Sample High School Principal Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Virginia Bert
615 Goldfrey Street
Salem, OR97301
Mobile: 503-585-4180
E-mail id: b.virginia@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Keith Wheatley
Mother Mary High School
847 River Road
Colorado Springs, CP80904


Dear Mr. Wheatley,

Today, I am pleased to submit my application for the job position of High School Principal and would request you to consider me for Mother Mary High School. My resume will outline my 20 years of experience working in the teaching industry and mostly in catholic schools, out of which 7 years I have worked in administration.

As you can see in my resume, I have a good background of commitment towards my current school. I have graduated from Mother Mary Academy and later started working there itself as an English teacher. Last year, I came back to this organization for the post of Assistant Principal with a brand new sense of purpose, commitment, and enthusiasm.

My goals for this organization include:

  1. To continue the strong educational tradition that you have been following since years
  2. To develop strong Christian values, which is the most important part in catholic education
  3. To make sure that there is overall development in a child, including moral, spiritual, social and physical life

I also think that the strengths that I will be bringing to this position are excellent leadership qualities, with strong ability in providing direction and unity for implementing goals. A strong and visible approach and I can also maintain good rapport with all the staff members. Good organizational and communication skills.

I would like the opportunity of a personal interview and sharing my commitment level for fostering in the growth of Mother Mary High School and all its students. I await a reply from you.

Virginia Bert
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

This is how you can write your own cover letter. Keep it precise and short. All the best!

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