Music Teacher Cover Letter

A music teacher cover letter is a document attached to the resume to impress upon your musical qualities and ability to teach. It indicates your experience and emphasizes upon your passion for music and the joy you get from spreading the musical knowledge among those who want to learn. The recruiter should be impressed by your letter and offer you the job immediately. Be sure to highlight and impress upon your achievements and special aptitudes. The letter should reflect your competence, potential, and work ethic. It should put the recruiter at ease and make him want to hire you.

The key to writing a good music teacher cover letter is writing a concise, precise and up to the mark cover letter. It should include the following:

Below is a sample music teacher cover letter:

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Sample Music Teacher Cover Letter

Bill Turner
78 Garmen Street
Tolstoy Apartments
Carlsburg Road
Canton, Ohio 567849

Contact Number:
0013309975379/ 0013309976538


The principal
Canton High School
24 Whipple Avenue
Canton, Ohio 567874

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application for the post of a music teacher at Canton High School.
Reference: Word of mouth from Mrs. White (English teacher at Canton High School)

I was recently informed by word of mouth about the opening for the post of a music teacher at Canton High School. I adore music and find great joy in helping people see the beauty of music. I have been teaching music for over five years at different music institutes and academies. Music is not just part of my profession it is a part of me. I am dedicated to what I do, as the drive to do what I want to, comes from within my heart. I want to make children see what music can do. I want them to explore the melodies and tunes and find peace in them like I do. I have summarized my work experience in short below.

I was introduced to classical music the first time when I was in sixth grade. I was in the band and played the saxophone throughout high school. I was in choir and was part of the varsity singers team. In college, I was part of the choir again and was head of the music department. I provided music direction for the plays in college and high school. I majored in music in college and started teaching at Musica Dance Academy in my junior year. I worked there for two years. Next, I signed a contract with Tina's Institute of dance and drama and composed music for plays and short films. This was my last employing company.

I would love to be given a chance to share my musical experiences and impart musical knowledge among the students of Canton High school. I hope I could come in for a personal interview according to your convenience and discuss more on the above lines. I will be obliged to provide the necessary documents at the time of a personal meeting.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely,
Bill Turner

The above sample music teacher cover letter can be changed and tailored according to the job specifications one has. The cover letter has to sound convincing and promising. Keep the letter to the point and do not lengthen it too much. The little tips mentioned in this article will prove very handy in creating a good music teacher cover letter.

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