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Science teacher positions are available in plenty, but then, even the candidates are available in plenty. Get an advantage over other candidates by writing an impressive science teacher cover letter along with your resume. It will put you in an advantageous position.

Science is a subject that is taught in every school and at every grade. This field is ever changing and new discoveries are being made on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that children are taught this subject by an efficient teacher. If you feel you are the right person to do that, write a cover letter with your resume to create good impression about yourself well before the interview.

Science teachers are paid well by all schools and the future is even better for them if they get tenure. Since teaching science is technical, many students lose interest in the subject. Your job as a teacher would be to get all the students interested in the subject and even find good talented individuals. Convey to the interviewers that this is what you intend to do through the letter.

There are many things that can only be conveyed in a cover letter and not in a resume. Therefore, follow carefully the science teacher cover letter writing tips and you will not go wrong.

Pointer to draft a science teacher cover letter

The above stated writings should be sufficient for you to make your own cover letter. If they still are not helpful, read the sample letter given below.

Science Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Regina Wallace
7209 Spring Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
(626) 537 872

Conrad Bell
Garden High School
7255 East Gardens
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Dear Mr. Bell,

I read the advertisement placed in Florida Herald on June 21, 2011 regarding the opening for science teacher. This letter is regarding the science teacher post. Also, I was delighted when the advertisement said that even inexperienced teachers can apply as I too have just finished my teacher's degree course.

I passed all my coursework with really good grades. I am eager to start in this profession as I love science and I am interested in teaching it to fresh young minds. I am also aware that Garden High School is new but has made quite a name in just a couple of years. I too hope to repeat that success with my teaching career. I work great with children and teenagers and I am ready to face the various unique challenges that come with teaching them.

I am interested in seeing your school and would love it if you can call me for an interview. I am readily available on all my correspondence details. My home phone number is (626) 537 872 and my email address I look forward to an interview call from you. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,
Regina Wallace


  1. Photocopy of teacher's degree
  2. Photocopy of certificates received in college
  3. Photocopy of teaching license from the state of Florida

This science teacher cover letter sample is for a fresher, but even experienced teachers can use it to make a letter for themselves and land in an interview call.

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