Soccer Coach Cover Letter

Coaching soccer is what you love and want to teach this sport to students and then send in a soccer coach cover letter along with your resume. The letter will help you grab this golden opportunity and you will be able to teach this great sport.

Sports are important for the overall development of the youth. Therefore, they need to be coached in soccer. If they are good, this opens up many opportunities for them like college scholarships or even playing this sport professionally. Why just the students, if you are good at what you do, coaching professional teams is just a few steps away. Hence, write this cover letter and you will further your chances of getting the job.

Soccer coaching is not just limited to high schools; one can even get coaching jobs in private institutions. The salary for a soccer coach is quite good. This profession has a lot of openings as there were lesser people playing soccer. However, now interest in this sport has increased and schools and colleges are looking for coaches. They also offer really good salaries to them.

The soccer coach cover letter should be a written in a certain manner. Therefore, we have given some pointers below which will help you understand how to write this letter.

Content to be written in a soccer coach cover letter

Follow these pointers diligently while drafting your own cover letter. If you have incorporated them, you will surely be at an advantageous position before the interview.

Sample Soccer Coach Cover Letter

Robert Rodriguez
454 St. Patrick Street
San Jose, California, USA
(432) 838 092

Seymour Harris
Jackson High School
9785 Privet Avenue
San Jose, California, USA

Dear Seymour,

This letter is regarding the job opening for soccer coach in your prestigious school. I came to know about this great opportunity from Mr. Howard Stark, who works as history teacher for the senior grades. I was immediately intrigued at this opportunity as I have admired Jackson High School from a long time.

I have previously coached at Redford Elementary School. Under my coaching, the school team won San Jose inter school soccer tournament. I have played in the junior team of San Jose Oaks but was forced out due to injury. However, I wanted to be associated with the sport and took up coaching. I excelled at it and can confidently say that I am a good coach. I also have a bachelor's degree in science. I have worked with children before and thoroughly enjoy it.

Building a good team and honing great potential talent are my two main goals. I would really appreciate it if you make available for me some of your precious time and call me in for an interview. You can contact me on my address, on my phone (432) 838 092 or even on my e-mail id

Sincere Regards,
Robert Rodriguez


  1. Photocopy of certificates from San Jose Oaks
  2. Photocopy of bachelor's degree
  3. Photocopy of experience letter

The above example is how the soccer coach cover letter should be. Draft a similar letter with information about yourself.

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