Air Conditioning Mechanic Cover Letter

An air conditioning mechanic cover letter is necessary to furnish because resume is simply not enough when you are applying for a job nowadays. It has become necessary to take some extra efforts for showing interest in the job vacancy you are applying. This is exactly what a cover letter does and there is a specific way to write a cover letter which we will see in the following sections of this article.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Drafting an air conditioning mechanic cover letter has to be done on a computer i.e. in a soft copy. All the professional and business letters are to be typed and a print out has to be taken. The content of the cover letter basically has to be about two things, viz., talking about the post you are applying and what makes you think you should be taken in for the said position in that particular organization.

One important thing to note is that cover letter always has to be personalized. The name of the concerned officer, his or her designation, name of the organization, everything needs to be found out if you really wish to make a considerable difference to your resume. Yes, to your resume, because cover letters function for backing up your resume.

So in the first paragraph you have to mention which post you are interested in and where you have seen the advertisement or notification for that post. This is important to avoid any ambiguity as in an organization there are many designations and possible vacancies too.

Then you have to mention your strong points and try to convince the employer or recruiter, whomever the air conditioning mechanic cover letter is addressed to as to what qualities or factors in you should make him or her hire you.

Coming to the formatting of the letter, you have to follow the blocked letter writing format which is commonly known as the American letter writing format. The blue print of the format is as follows:

Name of the Sender
(Mention both, postal as well as e-mail)
Telephone Number


Name of the Addressee

Subject matter: Introduction and body
Thank you and follow up line.

Closing salutation,

Enclosures: Documents that you attach herewith

Sample Air Conditioning Mechanic Cover Letter

Portia Bassanio
The Venice Villa
Street 47, Lane 3
Shakespeare Society


Russell Johnathan
HR & Recruiting Officer
Temperate Air Conditioners
Street 32, Lane 4
Professional Mechanic Society

Re: Application for Air Conditioning Mechanic

Dear Mr. Johnathan,

I hereby write to you for the Air Conditioning Mechanic's post in Temperate Air Conditioners. I am deft with handling any heating or mechanical issues in different makes of air conditioners. I have been working in this field for the last six years and am updated with the latest mechanisms used in the machines.

I specialized in handling split ACs, which are being manufactures in your reputed firm since the last six months. I read in the recent article published in Washington Times, that you plan to extend its production and hence I am sure I will be of great help to you.

Kindly consider my application for the post and have a look at my resume which will give you the details of all the responsibilities I have shouldered so far in my work experience and my contribution to my previous companies. Thanking you a lot for your time.

Sincere Regards,
Portia Bassanio

Enclosures: Resume, experience letters

You can follow this sample air conditioning mechanic cover letter as a guide and write your own letter with the necessary details and changes. Keep the formatting standard, simple and limited to the sphere of the work profile. Be careful to avoid mistakes as it will hamper your efforts in the employment procedure. Wish you all the luck!

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