Animal Technician Cover Letter

Every profession is respectable and has competition all round the world. Studying well and gaining good amount of knowledge, keeping in touch with the latest developments and acquiring experience are things that take you a long way in the long run. The educational courses that one needs to do for becoming an animal technician can be done by anyone just by enrolling but what actually matters is the amount of practical experience you gather and how well you are able to utilize the subject knowledge.

Everywhere you go you have to show yourself up and confidently be able to portray your skills and highlight your abilities. In the resume everyone writes these qualities but your interest in joining that particular organization is not highlighted anywhere in the resume. The animal technician cover letter helps you do that. It gives you a chance to speak about your abilities.

Animal Technician Cover Letter Format

The format of the animal technician cover letter has the details of the sender and addressee like the old British way of writing letters but nowadays it is written in the American letter writing format. The addresses, the closing salutation, etc., everything is written on the left hand side of the page. Also it is drafted in the soft copy with a formal style, no decorations and no color.

From: This section has the name of the sender, postal address, e-mail address, and contact number


To: This section has the name of the addressee, designation held by him or her, the organization's name, address, and city's name

Reference: Position of the applied designation (animal technician in this case)

Opening Salutation

Paragraph 1: The main content of the letter i.e. which post you are interested in and what qualities do you possess which you want the employer to know, is to be written in this section. You have to convince the employer that you are the suitable candidate for them.

Paragraph 2: Thank the reader and also mention if you have any plans to meet or call him or her, i.e. if you plan to follow up for the job position do mention it in the letter as it shows genuine interest in the job and the employer or recruiter will keep your application in the preferred list.

Closing Salutation: (Signature)
Name of Sender

Documents: Enlist everything that is in the enclosures of this letter, like the resume, etc.

Sample Animal Technician Cover Letter

Bertha Phillip
New Orlando Street
No. 102, Orchid Housing Society
New Jersey
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 419 737 6787


To Patricia Romanov
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
New Jersey Animal Ranch
310-315, New Jersey Flying Pitches
New Jersey

Re: Application for the post of Animal Technician

Miss. Romanov,

I feel proud to write you for expressing interest in the position of Animal Technician in your organization. I saw the notification on the notice board of your administrative department when I came for the field trip along with my seniors the day before yesterday. I have finished my training as an animal technician and now seeking a job in a reputed firm to start my career. The following are the highlights of my capabilities that I have honed well.

I am an animal lover and firmly believe that serving any form of life is as great as serving god, be it the mankind or animals. I choose animals above humans because they are dumb and meek, they cannot express, only a trained person can understand if they are unwell by knowing the symptoms of their diseases.

I know I can do proper justice to the job. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Yours,
Bertha Phillip


Use this sample animal technician cover letter for getting a fair idea of how the content of the letter should be. Personalize it before you send it along with your resume. Please note that the cover letter has to be different and customized according to the different organizations you apply in. We wish you all the best for your future

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