Audiovisual Technician Cover Letter

An audiometric technician performs specific tasks under the supervision of an audiologist or physician such as testing patients, perform pure tone threshold hearing testing and otoscopic screening techniques. In addition to this, he or she is supposed to check and calibrate audiometric instruments and equipment, keeping records and documents of tests, keeping abreast of the hearing conservation federal and state regulation.

An audio visual technician operates a wide variety assortment of equipment to project and create sound and visual images. He may be responsible to produce simultaneous broadcast of sounds and pictures or simply one of the two mediums. This job profile may be referred to many job titles including videographer, projectionist, sound mixer or stage hand.

The main idea that should be kept in the mind while writing these letters is to highlight your work profile and your career objectives. It should also explain your past accomplishments.

Tips to write audiovisual technician cover letter

The main idea of the cover letter is to prove the prospective employer that you can be a valuable asset to the department or the company.

Samples cover letter for audiovisual technician will help you write your own cover letter while applying for such a profile.

Sample Audiovisual Technician Cover Letter

Dorothy Smith
456 Hollow Road
Camden, New Jersey 6789

March 24, 2011

Anne Edwards
Hiring Manager
Johnson group
4876 Cunning Street
Walled Lake, MI 4563

Dear Mrs. Edwards,

I am writing this letter to show my interest for the position of audiovisual technician in your company (mention the name here). I came across the advertisement in the job portal (mention the name of the job portal). I have enclosed my resume with this letter for your further attention.

I am a graduate in media arts and I have over five years of experience as an audiovisual technician. In the past I have worked with two renowned companies (mention their names) and have an excellent tract of small and large projects to report. I am well versed in all the latest media equipment and have a good knowledge about the different process and procedure involved to bring the most qualitative product in a particular media production. I believe in working in team. I am a creative person and highly motivated.

If you feel I meet up to your expectation, please call me at (insert your contact details).

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hear from you at your convenient time.

Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

This is how you write an audiovisual technician cover letter which is also known as the letter of introduction. This is because it tells the employer what they need to know about you and your skills.

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