Automotive Technician Cover Letter

Getting the right type of job may be difficult at times and even if you get one there may be few chances that your resume is being read. A good resume along with an effective cover letter may get you what you want. An automotive technician cover letter can help you approach and apply for the position. The main objective of this cover letter is that it should reflect the job seekers' knowledge and experience in this field.

Below is a sample cover letter for an automotive technician wherein you will get to know how to write the letter.

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Automotive Technician Cover Letter Sample 1

David Todd
564 Eastland Avenue
Laurel, MS 5638


Hannah Williams
Recruitment manager
Brat Auto care
3452 Norma lane
Shreveport, LA 672399

Dear Ms. Williams,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement listed on the (website) where you are looking for an automotive technician. Looking at your requirements I have just figured out that I am just the right candidate for the position. I have enclosed my resume for your review with this letter.

As you will find in my resume, I have been working in this profession for the last five years in the automotive industry. During this span of time I have been in the various levels of professional service. I have been an effective automotive technician with a specialty at (mention your previous company). I have been doing repairing in all domestic and foreign vehicles and also preparing them for inspection. Being in this field for the last five years have made me better and well trained. I am very enthusiastic for the position I work and would love to offer my talents and skills to your company.

I thank you for the time and consideration and kindly request you to give me a call if you are interested to hire me. My contact details at (mention here your phone number).

Sincerely, David Todd

Enclosure:resume, experienced certificate and salary slips

The second sample will guide you to write a cover letter in a little different way.

Automotive Technician Cover Letter Sample 2

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (recipient's last name),

I have been a great automotive technician and my love for automotive makes me an excellent choice for the position at (name of the company). Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

I have worked in automotive work for over seven years and I also have had a professional training of two years from (mention the name of the institute). I am very knowledgeable about every type of automotives. In addition to this I work as a supervisor to answer customers who seek out advice and knowledge about vehicles. I am very enthusiastic of what I do and love my work. This is what has made me an exemplary at all service shops that I have worked for and would to bring this sort of success in your company as well.

If you feel I have the ability and that I meet your list of requirements, please feel free to call me at (mention your contact details). Thank you for giving your time and considerations for reading this letter.


Your name:

Enclosure:resume, experience certificate, salary slips.

These samples for automotive technician cover letter can guide you some important information as to how to write your own cover letter.

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