CNC Machinist Cover Letter

A CNC Machinist is a person who works on a machine used for cutting tools and metals in different shapes and size controlled by a code fed into the computer. CNC is the short form for Computer Numerical Control. The person working with the computer-controlled machine, which is usually a lathe or a mill, is required to take a training and obtain a certification from the National Institute of Metalworking Skills. He must also have the knowledge of the materials used for cutting and making parts.

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CNC Machinist Cover Letter Sample

Patrick J. Berry
1288 Heavner Court
Urbandale, IA 50322
Phone: 515-991-3795


Alexander A. Jordan
HR Manager
Genuine Automation Inc.
3904 West Drive
Urbandale, IA 50322

Subject: Application for the position of CNC Machinist

Dear Jordan,

Precision and the required shape and size in metal cutting depend on how accurately the machinist has entered the input in the computer. This is something a machinist can learn and know through experience. Since I have the knowledge and skills to program, operate, and maintain a CNC machine, please consider me for a position of CNC machinist in Genuine Automation Inc.

I have six-and-a-half years of experience. I have mentioned it in detail in the enclosed resume. For me, operating and controlling a machine with the help of a computer is as easy as driving a vehicle. I love accuracy and cutting any metal with great care. Besides operating, installing and setting up new equipment, I am proficient in programming the computer.

I have done a three apprentice in a machine shop after completing a certification from a trade school. My experience has made be familiar in operating any type of latest lathe machine and mill. I can also determine and fix the causes of errors in any operating process. I have conducted tests and inspection for achieving quality products.

My knowledge of materials, tools, their design and use, including repair and maintenance will derive production outputs with no error. I have worked with engineers in setting up design of new equipment and have successfully completed several projects.

I can be useful in making your clients happy by delivering them quality works. I am waiting for a chance to meet you and to explain how I can increase production efficiency for your organization. I am available at the given number for a talk on weekdays anytime you wish. Thank you for considering me for the position.


Patrick J. Berry

Enclosure: Resume

Maintain the style and flow of this cover letter when drafting yours. If the skills and experience are similar to yours, use it freely.

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