Cover Letter for Dialysis Technician

Kidney failure patients have to depend on the dialysis machine to throw out waste from the blood since their kidney is no more functioning. The machine that does this work is handled by a dialysis technician. The technician is trained person who can operate the machine and administer dialysis to patients suffering from kidney diseases. He or she has to prepare the patients first, take their vital signs, and then carry on with the procedure. Besides operating the dialysis machine, the technician will also keep the machine sterile since it is used by many people. Further, periodic checking to ensure it is working properly is also necessary

If you can handle these responsibilities, have some experience, and a Dialysis Technician certificate, you are fit for this job. When searching for the job, you will require a cover letter. Writing the letter is not hard if you are experienced and know your duties and responsibilities thoroughly. The employer may just like to read if you are the best person or not to work. This sample letter will demonstrate you how to make the employer believe that you are a perfect fit for the job.

Cover Letter Sample

Leo B. Hayes
259 Meadow Drive
Earlsboro, OK 74840
Phone: 405-997-2519

October 01, 2013

Charles M. Jackson
HR Manager
Tender Dialysis Center
929 Poplar Avenue
Earlsboro, OK 74840

Subject: Application for the position of Dialysis Technician

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I am mailing this cover letter and my resume to inquire and apply for a Dialysis Technician position at Tender Dialysis Center. I am a certified Dialysis Technician with five years experience and looking for a new setting where I can use my skills for the benefits of patients and at the same time add to my professional development.

Working with dialysis patients and operating a dialysis machine daily, I am thorough with the entire procedure. If somebody wakes me up in the mid-night and asks me a question on handling and operating the machine, my answer will hit the jackpot. Further, I have a unique knack of befriending patients and explaining them how I would be administering dialysis to them. Talking in a frank and friendly tone helps the patients in relieving tension.

I love being organized in the workplace. It helps in keeping stress at bay and smooth functioning. The moment I enter the setting, I check the list of the patients for dialysis and then chalk out a plan to cover all of them in my shift. Hence, nobody goes unattended. Before beginning the dialysis process, I weigh the patients, check the vitals, and hook them to the necessary devices to start the procedure. While the procedure is still going on, I keep monitoring both the patient and the machine. If the machine needs any adjustments, I do it promptly.

I am good at mixing the solution according to the formula. I can also transport patients to the dialysis room, position them on the lounge chair, and prepare the machine for use. I hope by the end of this cover letter, you must have judged me worth for the Dialysis Technician position. I appreciate your time and consideration.


Leo B. Hayes

Enclosure: Resume

This sample cover letter has all the elements that can propel the hiring personnel to call the candidates for an interview.

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