Electronic Assembler Cover Letter

Most people do not know the importance of a cover letter and simply ignore them. At times, they may include it but do not pay much attention to it thinking that the resume is enough to get them an interview call. Well, if you are among this group of people then you should understand the reason of not getting any call from the employers. The hiring managers, also called the employers, usually get hundreds or at times thousands of job applications for a single job post. In order to slim down their stack of application, they usually look at the cover letters. Hence, you can see an effective and well-crafted electronic assembler can get you the desired result.

According to one of the hiring managers of a top notch company, a poorly crafted cover letter may throw your resume straight to the thrash no matter if your qualification meets up the requirement for the job position. This is because such a cover letter portrays you as a person with poor communication skills. This is the reason why you have to include your cover letter and be sure enough to include information that is relevant for the job post. It should help you introduce yourself to the prospective employers in a professional manner. Further, it should highlight your experience that you have listed in the resume. The letter should draw the reader attention to the resume and urge them to call you for an interview.

The following tips will guide you to write one effective cover letter electronic assembler.

Given below is a sample cover letter for electronic assembler that will guide you with some important tips and instructions to write one.

Sample Electronic Assembler Cover Letter

Your Name:
Contact Details:
Email Address:


Employer's Name:

I recently came across your advertisement for the position of an electronic assembler in (mention the name of the newspaper) and found that the requirements that you are looking for a candidate to fill the post matches my qualifications. I have enclosed my resume with this letter which will give you detail information about my work experience and educational qualifications.

I have worked with the leading manufacturing industry (mention the name of the organization) as an electronic assembler for the past five years. The industry deals in manufacturing processes of robotics and other computer peripheral devices. My key role was to put together electrical components with the help of blueprints and schematics. Although my work includes fitting of the devices and soldering, I am capable of handling assemblies with adhesives and epoxies. In addition to this, I am capable of performing test and other electrical assembles that is required in the production process. I am an expert in reading any work instructions and other forms of blueprints. I do not face any eye problems and can concentrate in my work. As for my educational qualifications, I have completed my high school diploma and soon after I joined a six month course work in electronics assembly.

I would be glad to share with some my work experience and benefits that I have given to my previous company. I will call you on next week and make sure that you have received my cover letter along with my resume. I can contacted at (insert contact details) or drop me an email address (mention your email address).

Thank you so much for reading my letter and considering me for the post.

Your Name:

Enclosures: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

This is how you can write an electronic assembler cover letter and impress your prospective employer. The best part of writing the letter is that you can provide additional information relevant for the job post.

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