Field Technician Cover Letter

A field technician is a person who is responsible for finding out new emerging technologies for better functioning of the organization. When applying for jobs, cover letter is the most important thing. Most of the IT people believe that the resume is the only thing that matters most for getting a job. As it has been believed that you will never get a second chance for making a first impression, cover letter is your first impression. It is like an electronic handshake, and the message in your cover letter must compel the recruiter to read your resume. Following are some guidelines and tips that you will have to follow for writing an unbeatable cover letter.


The number one rule for writing a good cover letter is research. Visit the website of the company or just do a normal web search on the name of the company for gaining some understanding on what the employer is exactly looking for. Remember that you must never fire random cover letters and resume hoping that your application may match. You will have to explain why you are the best candidate for this job.

Also, you will have to put in your best efforts for finding out the name of the employer. A cover letter written with the name of the decision-maker shows that you have taken out time for finding out who will be hiring for the job opportunity. If you are still unable to find out the name of the recruiter, then you will simply have to address your cover letter to, "Hiring Manager." As there is a rule that your cover letter should not be more than a page, so don't get caught in giving a detailed explanation of your professional background, since you will be covering that in your resume.

Below is a sample field technician cover letter that will help you to understand the cover letter better.

Sample Field Technician Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Nikki Knowles
3856 Beach Grove Lane
Arizona, AZ94857
Mobile: 385-384-0485
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Odom Lamar
Production Solutions Inc.
365 Park Street
Arizona, AZ93858

Date: July 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Lamar,

I would request you to accept my resume for the position of Field Technician as per the advertisement in I am sure that my qualifications will match perfectly with your requirements, and I have attached my resume for your further review.

Briefly, I have had a vast experience as a field technician in fine tune for eight years with Sony Ericsson. As a part of my job, I have worked with various private and commercial entities on regular basis, by helping them get systems and products maintained, optimized and installed. I have good troubleshooting and analyzing skills, which helps me in tweaking or repairing and getting the machine status back to operating quickly. I am a good team player and have got tremendous customer service skills.

A personal meeting between us for discussing this job opportunity further will be highly beneficial. You can call my anytime on 385-384-0485 or e-mail me at I await a reply from you and possibility for an interview soon. Thank you for giving your valuable time.

Nikki Knowles
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume, Work Portfolio and References

Keep your cover letter precise and make sure that you don't extend it for more than a page. Cover letters are your selling points, so make sure that you don't make it monotonous and bore the recruiter with your life history. Remember that bad writing skills will go against you, hence proofread your articles for any kind of mistakes or grammatical errors.

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