Geotechnical Engineer Cover Letter

Geotechnical engineer are also known as soil scientists. Geotechnical engineers are classified under civil engineering given their focus on construction, design and analysis of retaining structures, slopes and foundations. They basically have to support some of the systems that are made up or rock or soil. A geotechnical engineer will have to utilize all the possible engineering principles for rock and solid mechanics, construction and geology for understanding their affects on any physical environment.

These engineers will have to work both in office and in field. Field investigation mostly includes implementing lab tests, gathering data and investigating on computer-generated analysis. The main office duties of these engineers are preparing and writing project proposals, calculating all the analytical findings and using certain computer software for making 2D or 3D simulated experiments.

These professionals need to have excellent communication skills and they should be able to work with a team of structural engineers, clients, hyrdrogeologists and construction engineers. For education, individuals will have to complete a degree in science or civil engineering with a specialization in geotechnical engineering. If you have the required degree and skills then you can start sending out job applications.

Every job application has to be accompanied with a cover letter. Cover letter is one of the most important documents besides your resume. It should be a reflection of your resume, but should not be completely like it. All you need to do while writing a cover letter is, write it in such a manner that the recruiter would want to read your resume. In your geotechnical engineer cover letter you will have to add your skills as an engineer and all the relevant work that you have covered up so far. Written skills are essential while writing a cover letter, so make sure that yours is written properly.

Here is a sample geotechnical engineer cover letter, which can be helpful to you.

Sample Geotechnical Engineer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
June Stephens
1231 Wiseman Street
Knoxville, TN37909
Mobile: 865-335-7758
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Virginia Bivins
Goldman Sachs Associate 4432 Jerry Toth Drive Clear, AK99704

Date: January 1, 2011

Dear Ms. Bivins,

My attached resume and cover letter are being submitted to you for the job opening of Geotechnical Engineer, which was advertised in I am confident that, I would prove to be an asset for your organization and hence, I have included all my educational and career qualifications for your further perusal.

Briefly, I have completed my Master's degree in Engineering in 1996, and have been working as a geotechnical engineer since the past fifteen years with the National Science Laboratory. Once I finished my degree, I used to work as an assistant in research with GEO Specialists, which I only aided in researching for geotechnical process. I think that all this experience has prepared me for the position of geotechnical engineer with your esteemed organization. I have thorough knowledge about all the geotechnical reporting, designing, office applications and software and lab operations.

I thank you for giving your valuable time and going through my letter and resume. I am keen on meeting with you in person for discussing this job opportunity and the skills I can offer you further. You can call me at 865-335-7758 or you can e-mail me at

June Stephens
Your Signature

Enclosure: Work Profile, Resume and References

Making sure that there are no grammatical mistakes or typos is a must whenever you write a cover letter. Remember that never send a generic letter to every job application. Draft a fresh new letter and personalize it in your own manner. Proofread your letter at least twice before you send it across.

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