GIS Technician Cover Letter

A GIS (geographical information system) is a computer system that is used for storing, analyzing and capturing the data, which is usually associated with the location in a digital format. This technology is only used by the specialists in geography. These people use this program integrated with different forms of the non-geographical and geographical data like land use, and the different characteristics.

Writing a cover letter for a GIS technician is not different than writing a cover letter for any other profession. You must never underestimate the effect of the cover letter. If you have a well-written, properly customized and designed cover letter addressed to the recipient, then your cover letter is actually screaming, "Interview this person immediately!"

However, when you write a cover letter with little or no consideration, then these cover letters are nothing more but a blank white sheet to the employer. This will be a major misstep when you are job hunting. You will have to take advantage of every opportunity, which will get you to stand out from all the other candidates. Writing a cover letter is not a task as many people think it is. If you have the right perspective and attitude, you will find out that this is totally worth it. Always remember that there is no set format of how you must write it. There is no perfect style in the way you present it. There are a few rules, but cover letters allow you to present your qualifications and skills effectively.

Here are is an example GIS technician cover letter to guide you further.

Sample GIS Technician Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Mathew Jones
373 Mainland Street
Baltimore, MD93874
Mobile: 893-287-8363
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Rose Erma
New York GeoSystems
3843 Hillcrest Road
New York, NY93747

Date: June 26, 2011

Dear Ms. Rose,

I am the perfect match to the latest job listing that you have posted on your company website for a GIS Technician. Supporting this statement, I have attached my resume. I am sure that my abilities in this particular field will make me the right candidate for this job opening.

I have more than 11 years of experience in researching geographic data and gathering new information for updating the GPS system. My findings have proved me too many discrepancies in earlier mapping because of the minute attention to detail, which is put in with every survey that I conduct. Due to this, I am sure that I will be able to bring a brand new outlook while collecting the data for your organization for creating new maps, geological surveys and graphs.

It will take more than one survey for gathering all the data that is requires for the showing that prior surveys are correct or not. I am confident that my dedication for completing my work properly would be highly beneficial for your organization. Also, I will be bringing new attitude and brand new outlook for all your databases.

You can contact me at any time for scheduling a meeting for discussing this job opportunity further. You can e-mail me at or call me at 893-287-8363. Thank you for giving your time and consideration.

Mathew Jones
Your Signature

Enclosure: Letter of Recommendation and Resume

You can follow this same letter format or come up with your own creative ideas. However, try to add a few attention grabbing things like:

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