Grader Cover Letter

A grader has to mainly operate the grader and all the other heavy equipment in an effective yet safe manner. This is done for ensuring that the roadways are safe, in good operating condition and accessible. The heavy equipment that they might have to operate are snow blowers, dozers, front-end loaders, truck and etc. the grader will also have to clean all the machines and equipment for maintaining them properly. The grader will have to deal with people and residents in a respectful and courteous manner.

They will receive several complaints and he/she has to make sure that there is a certain level of quality maintained in all the services. Graders need to have excellent supervising, communication and leadership skills. They will always have to be driven, organized and should have the ability to identify the problems and find appropriate solutions for them. Most of the times they will have to follow blueprints, and make sure that all the projects get completed in right and timely manner.

Except for this they also have to maintain all the machinery, since they are very expensive and need daily maintenance for a long life. There is a lot of machinery that is used in this field and so it is important that the grader is trained in all of them. Along with this they also have to perform a pre-check of summer, winter and spring maintenance on the streets and proper equipment for leveling the roads and maintaining drainage.

There are no specific requirements needed to become a grader, only few years of experience in the construction industry will help in getting a job as a grader. If you have the required experience, then you can apply for a job to become grader. All you need is a good covering letter that will market you properly in front of the prospective employer. Here is a sample grader cover letter that you can use for writing your own.

Sample Grader Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Deborah Rivers
4888 County Line Road
Dunedin, FL34698
Mobile: 727-736-6364
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Bent Franklin
Victor Constructions
554 Cardinal Lane
Mattoon, IL61938


Dear Mr. Franklin,

Today, I am writing to apply for the position of Grader, and I have added my resume and detailed summary of my qualifications to let you know that I will be the best choice for this specific position. I will bringing with me skills like, attention to detail, which always enables me to see any kind of flaw, which may be present for properly grading all the items, which are important for the quality control of an organization.

I have been working in this industry and as a grader since the last eight years and I have great track record of high volume of items being checked on regular basis. I am aware that it is very important for the reputation of an organization that their all the products are sent out without any flaws and they do not get damaged in any manner. Speed is as important as quality for getting the items out at the right time for shipping and can not only check the items quickly, but also I am accurate at the same time.

Any organization will need a team for making sure that each item has been graded properly. For the same reason, I am confident that I would prove to a valuable asset for your organization. I would request you to organize a meeting for discussing my track record, skills, experience and this job opportunity further. You can reach me at 727-736-6364 or e-mail me at so that we can mutually set a meeting time.

Deborah Rivers
Your Signature

Enclosure: References and Resume

Make sure that you write the cover letter according to the requirements listed in the job advertisement. The recruiters will keep giving you hints on what they are looking for, so focus on that.

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