Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter is a systematic and brief presentation of the most significant abilities of a journeyman electrician. Like all cover letters, it should act like a signboard pointing towards the resume. This signboard, however, has to be neat, attractive, complete, and categorical in order to produce the necessary effect. The cover letter should be an introduction to the job application, something that sets the tone for the entire application. It should act as a prologue and provide the broad framework within which the resume can be better understood.

If the resume is a hard core technical document, the cover letter is a philosophical one. Due care should be exercised in framing the cover letter. Ensure that you have not put in unnecessary details especially the second rung details already mentioned in the resume. The traits mentioned in the cover letter should be those that the recruiter is looking for. This requires the candidate to evaluate requirements of the organization in light of the details mentioned in the advertisement. Ideally, the candidate should also hunt for some information about the organization and compose the cover letter accordingly.

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letters must underscore those skills of the candidate that make him good at preparing plans and designs of electrical networks for establishments and implementing these. Finding problems, making necessary repairs, and maintenance of electrical systems are other important requirements of this job. The position also requires the candidate to have some theoretical background and experience with electrical circuits with considerable math skills. Physically, the job demands fitness that will enable the candidate to work long hours in standing positions and to occasionally lift heavy electrical equipment. Fitness is also essential to work in places with limited room and yet provide top quality service within the stipulated time.

Let us go through an example of journeyman electrician cover letter to illustrate the above points:

Sample Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter

November 23, 2011

Daniel Lobo
3800 Freeport Boulevard,
Sacramento, CA 95818

Arthur Lake
Chief Recruiting Officer,
Lightening Electrical Services,
1200 8th Street # 580,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Mr. Lake,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "Los Angeles Times", dated November 20, 2011, inviting applications for the post of a Journeyman Electrician in your reputed organization. I am interested in the said position and I fulfill all the qualifications required by your organization, as mentioned in the said advertisement. I have six years experience as a journeyman electrician with two organizations. I am seeking employment with a company that offers excellent growth prospects and is well known for its ethical manner of conducting business.

During my career as a journeyman electrician, I have worked under the supervision of three master electricians known for their quality work in this field. I have successfully executed major tasks like preparing and implementing plans and designs of electrical wiring systems for large buildings and establishments. I have sufficient expertise with finding and fixing faults. I specialize in areas like trouble shooting with concealed wiring and installation of uninterrupted power supply devices and generators. I am adept with maintenance of all electrical networks and devices.

Technically speaking, I have an associate's degree in electrical training that provides me with the theoretical foundation for reading electrical blueprints and fixing problems. I can work well in restricted spaces and I have maintained a fair level of physical fitness.

It will be a great experience working with a competitive yet ethical organization that works with a whole range of electrical equipment in diverse establishments. If I am given the opportunity, I will put my skills to their optimum application with your organization. You can contact me on the telephone number or email address I have mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely,
(Daniel Lobo)

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letters should be simple and effective documents that provide information about the crux of the applicant's professional merits. The style should be persuasive that arouses the recruiter's interest and makes him read the resume thereby taking the candidate one step closer to bag the opportunity.

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