Lab Technician Cover Letter

A lab technician cover letter is a document attached to the resume turned in by a lab technician to enhance the resume and make it more impressive. The cover letter contains the credentials and all special qualities of the applicant. It also includes the educational background, work experiences and achievements possessed by that candidate. The cover letter enhances the resume by helping it stand out among all other resumes turned in by different applicants. It is a great way to impress upon the recruiter and convince him to hire you. To write an effective cover letter, one needs to know certain important points.

First, start with writing your name, your address, your contact number and email address. Include any other personal details that you think might be necessary. Then write the date you are writing the letter on. Then go on to write the designation of the person you are addressing the letter to, the name of the company you are applying to and the address of the company. Then you can write a salutation like 'respected sir/ madam' or 'dear sir/madam.' Always give your letter a subject and a reference which brought the job opening to your notice. Then proceed to shed light upon your achievements and qualifications as a lab technician. Include any areas you might specialize in. Use grammatically correct sentences and do not make the letter too lengthy. Also, use simple language. Choose a suitable font and font size and make the letter legible.

Below is a sample lab technician cover letter that might aid you in compiling your own cover letter. You can change the cover letter to your convenience.

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Lab Technician Cover Letter Sample

Annie Fullmer
78 Silver Oak Apartments
Canal Road
Ohio 585990

Contact Number:
0013307685876/ 0013308697875



The Hiring Manager
Merlock Forensics
76 Harbringer Road
Garter Street
Ohio 7856949

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application fro the post of a lab technician.
Reference: Advertisement on

I am a woman of 25 years old and aspire to become a lab technician in your esteemed company. In the recent past I came across an advertisement on the website regarding the ongoing recruitment process of hiring a lab technician. I aspire to apply for this post of a lab technician and work with your company and bring it a fresh outlook on research and experiments. I have five years of experience which I have summarized in this letter.

I passed out of the University of Ohio in 2006. That same year, I took up a job in H.D.S.C. Forensics Department and worked there under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Lightman for three years. I spent the next year in research and developing and chiseling my own skills as a lab technician. In that duration, I completed a forensics project for the Carter Agency. I can give you brief details of what the project contained. Through my6 experience and learning, I have gained a lot and am now capable of implementing much of what I have acquired into my work. I hope you consider my ability as an asset.

I thus hope I have convinced you of my capability. I deliver what I promise and promise what I deliver. I am a solid wall the problems and crisis and have learnt to tackle them with ease. I have become proficient in my field and can do my job most effectively. I hope we can schedule a personal interview so we can discuss further on these lines.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Annie Fullmer

The above sample of a lab technician cover letter gives you a brief idea of what an impressive cover letter should look like. You can alter and change the cover letter to cater to your needs. Keep the given points in mind in order to write a unique and effective cover letter and all the best!

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