Mechanical Technician Cover Letter

Writing an impressive cover letter is a daunting task for the job applicants. If you develop the format of the cover letter gradually following one step at a time, you end writing exquisite cover letter. Your outstanding way of writing a cover letter can lead to your selection in the selection process. Both cover letter and the resume can be sent together.

After writing the correspondence details in the top of the letter in the first paragraph, you will write why you are writing the cover letter and how you got to know about the company and the job vacancy. You may also give some basic pertinent information about you in the opening paragraph.

In the second paragraph, you need to state why you are interested in the employer and the kind of work the employer is into. Mention that you have gathered enough information about the employer and the projects the company deals into. Point out the specific educational qualification and academic background, which meets the set criteria by the employer.

The third paragraph refers to fact that you are interested in having face to face interview with the employer for the potential job position. Mention your next course of action such as follow up with the employer about the interview or would wait for the call from the employer. Make sure that you mention your contact details and best timings to be contacted explicitly.

How to Write Mechanical Technician Cover Letter

While writing mechanical technician cover letter, you are first required to study the advertisement you are responding to thoroughly. Make sure that you know what basic academic background, skill sets and professional experience, the potential employer is looking for. We can follow the same format as discussed earlier but the content needs to very significant.

In the introduction part, refer to the newspaper name, date, and type of job position and your suitability. For example, in pursuant to your advertisement in "Daily Mirror", I am applying for the position of a mechanical technician in your company.

In the body part itself you can mention the key roles and responsibilities of the candidate such as repairing and maintaining the equipments and conducting tests on models etc.In the conclusion part of the cover letter, you need to mention the next course of action taken by the candidate or expect the action to be taken by the employer.

Mechanical Technician Cover Letter Sample

Phillip Milton
214 Thermal Street,
Edison, NJ-90324
Phone: 903-102-0342

Sam Roberts, Senior Recruiter
545, College Rd East,
Montvale, NJ-90342
Phone: 890-321-2093

Dear Mr. Roberts,

With response to your advertisement in "Montale Daily", dated January 12, 2012, I am applying for the position of a mechanical technician in your organization. Based on my huge experience as a mechanical technician and ability to perform technical jobs with sheer dedication and handwork, I am confident that I will surely match your requirement and put my best efforts as a mechanical technician.

I started my career as an entry level mechanical technician with Conva Tech Inc in the year 2006; I stepped up many important ladders by handling complex responsibilities like constructing high precision prototype models. I have handled many major responsibilities throughout my career as a mechanical technician such as performing skilled work in mechanical and building trades related to cabinet making, welding, and plumbing trades, supervising the operating and maintenance of experimental equipments, repairing the testing equipments and performing the related work as required.

Being Master degree holder in mechanical engineering and licensed employee for the state of NJ, I think I will give my best performance as a mechanical technician. I am looking forward to be employed by you. Please find the attached resume for your reference

Sincerely yours,

Phillip Milton


The sample mechanical technician cover letter showcases the candidate's academic and professional journey; it highlights major skill set of the candidate. This particular cover letter will land you in a good opportunity.

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