Nail Technician Cover Letter

A nail technician cover letter is a letter that goes with the resume and highlights your skills and abilities as a nail technician. It should showcase your art and what you can do. In today's world, people need variety and fresh outlooks and designs. Thus, a recruiter will look for someone with a new style and something not so monotonous and in sync with the current flow of nail designs. Through your cover letter, you have to prove that you are worth the job. You have to showcase your individuality and convince the recruiter about the advantages of your talent. You can even mention some notable work that you have done in the past to highlight your achievements.

Remember, while writing a nail technician cover letter, you should always mention your name, address, contact number and email address initially. Then you go on to write the date and the name of the recruiting company along with the designation of the recruiter and address of the company. Make sure your cover letter is not just a copy of your resume. Include all you can about yourself and try to answer all the questions you think the recruiter might have. But do not make your letter too lengthy. Keep the letter short and simple. You may even make bullet points for a better effect and impression upon the recruiter.

Sample Nail Technician Cover Letter

Tiffany Sharlow
76 Yellow Street
McKinley Road
Ohio 846745

Contact number:
0013308769456/ 0013307649374


June 27th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Cassandra's Spa
867 Janie Lane
Carter Road
Ohio 846765

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a nail technician.
Reference: Advertisement on

I recently came across an advertisement on stating the ongoing process of recruitment for a nail technician. I aspire to apply for the post. I have been into nail art since I was in high school. My style and techniques have seen massive augmentation in the past few years. I am now 26 years old and was freelancing for Tiara's Galore. It is my current employment. But I am seeking a more permanent employment where I can explore and cultivate newer and better styles. It would give me immense pleasure and gratification to be working with a company as highly spoken of as yours.

I have been working on a few one-of-a-kind designs and wish to pioneer some of these by executing them. A fresh style would also bring in fresh customers. My art and techniques are very different. I take inspiration from everything around me and put feelings into my work. I appreciate the beauty around me and try to incorporate it into my designs. I passed out of The Akron University. Throughout college, I worked as a part time nail technician. My skills have flourished and new styles have been born through my artistic nature and I hope they will be of service to you.

I would like to discuss more details if we could schedule a personal interview. I will be obliged to come by your office and present my portfolio. I don't have any preconceived notions about a probation period and I will be happy to do some sample nail art.

Thanking You
Waiting in anticipation
Yours sincerely
Tiffany Sharlow

The above sample nail technician cover letter suggests ways to compile your own cover letter. Be impressive and include as many skills and abilities you possess as a nail technician. You can alter and tailor the format and composition of the cover letter according to your specifications and job requirements.

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