Operator Cover Letter

There are basically three types of cover letters which are used by the job seekers. The format of the cover letter does not change but the purpose of the letters may change. One is to enquire about a particular position and other is to know the requirements of a particular position. Application letter is the third type of cover letter. You can write any type of cover letter using the same format of the operator cover letter given below. Don't copy and paste these letters exactly, but use the idea and format your letter according to your requirement. Reading the requirements of the employer will help you in writing a precise cover letter.

Career Profile of Operator

Operator is a person who operates a machine or manages the work of an enterprise at his workplace. An operator can be a telephone operator, heavy equipment operator, power plant operator, production operator, process operator, computer operator, etc. The requirements of the employers vary according to the industry in which a particular operator has to work. You can choose to work in any field that you have experience and knowledge in.

Here I have tried to provide two examples of operator cover letters. The first one is a telephone operator cover letter and the second one is a heavy equipment operator cover letter. Similar format can be used to draft cover letters for any operators.

Sample Operator Cover Letter (1)

Marc Hayward
098 Eastern Valley Street
Blue Rose Cottage
California - 54700
Email id: Marc_hay@mail.com
Telephone no.: (436)-786-3555

Date: September 6, 2011

Ester Fernandez
Office Superintendent
Mind Trick Consultancy
California - 53678 USA

Dear Mr. Ester,

I am sending this application for the position of Telephone Operator position in your organization in reference to my friend Jerry William employed as a career consultant in your consultancy. I have excellent customer-service skills that are necessary in the profile and would be a productive asset for the organization.

I have excellent communication skills with sound ability to handle professional calls and direct them appropriately. I have proficiency in multiple languages like English, Germany, French, Spanish and some Indian languages. I have experience of working as a telephone operator in Foreign Trade Office for 1.5 years. I would like to work as a telephone operator in your organization on part-time basis.

Eagerly waiting for your reply. I have also attached my resume that contains my detailed background.

Marc Hayward

Sample Operator Cover Letter (2)

John Grace
128 Twinkling Stars Lane
Grace Avenue
Texas - 82975
United States
Phone Number: (537)-029-4367
E-mail id: john_grace@anymail.com

Date: September 6, 2011

Harry Rolando
Site Manager
Sunrise Constructions
Texas - 92976
United States

Subject: Application seeking the post of heavy equipment operator
Reference: Advertisement in Spectrum Jobs newspaper

Dear Mr. Harry,

Knowing that your organization is looking for the position of heavy equipment operator, I am pleased to send my application for this position. I have sound knowledge of using construction equipments of all types and tackle with technical issues related to them.

I have worked at many construction sites earlier in handling heavy equipments such as cranes, asphalt spreaders, pile drivers, bucket trucks, , tamping equipment, steamrollers, etc. I can work in any circumstances or climatic conditions as well as am always eager to take additional responsibilities of work. I am comfortable to work in night shifts.

I will contact you next week to talk to your personally regarding the details of the position. If you require any additional information regarding my background you can contact me on (537)-029-4367 or send me a mail at john_grace@anymail.com. Waiting to meet you personally regarding the said position.

Sincerely yours,
John Grace


Once you draft your operator cover letter, review it, make corrections and send it to the employer. Even small mistakes in your letter can make a negative impression on the employer.

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