Ophthalmic Technician Cover Letter

Every time we send a resume to the employer we also put some effort and draft a cover letter. Most of the people don't know why they are supposed to write a cover letter. If you understand the importance of cover letter then you can enclose a better and more appealing cover letter. I have also provided a format of a cover letter to make the picture clear to you and boost your career.

There are various sections in which a resume is fragmented. However, any formal or business letter has to have these sections. A cover letter should start with your details then followed by the employer's details or the person to whom you are addressing your cover letter. Next comes the salutation part of the cover letter which is followed by some of your details that can increase the employer's genuine interest. You should also be able to bring some uniqueness in this section and highlight your positive traits. Finally end your resume by paying your gratitude to the reader.

Job Description of an Ophthalmic Technician:

Ophthalmology is a medical science that deals with eyes and its related problems. Hence an ophthalmic technician works in this department and should have a sound knowledge of eye related health issues. Ophthalmic technician is responsible for assisting ophthalmologists in assisting eye surgeries, performing diagnostic tests, testing eye pressure of the patients, testing muscle movements, testing vision, etc of the patients. One has to pass certificate courses with a graduation. Various certifications to work as an ophthalmologist are certificate of ophthalmic technician, certificate of ophthalmic assistant, certificate of ophthalmic medical technologist.

Getting some ideas from this ophthalmic technician cover letter you can write an impressive and notable cover letter to seek attention of the employer in your abilities and skills.

Sample Ophthalmic Technician Cover Letter

[Your Name]
[Address (City, St, Country]
[Telephone Number]
[E-mail id]


[Employer's Name]
[Employer's Designation]
[Name of Organization]
[Address (City, St, Country]

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Employer's First Name],

I came across a job opening in your organization through XXXXX (mention the source from where you came to know about the job vacancy here). I found that I meet all your requirements with relevant years of experience in the field of the ophthalmic technician so I am writing this letter seeking a job opportunity in your organization.

I have completed my graduation in nursing and passed ophthalmic technician certificate course from the University of XXXXX (mention name of the university here). I am currently employed at Rogers Eye Clinic since 1 year. I have experience in assisting the doctors in ophthalmic surgeries, management of surgical equipments and providing personal help to the patients. I also have expertise in performing various diagnosing tests. Expertise in taking anatomical and functional ocular measurements of the patients and maintain a record of the patients.

I feel that I am the most eligible candidate with firm dedication and willingness towards work. I will definitely be an important asset for your hospital with my knowledge and expertise. I can work in rotational shifts. The resume attached with this letter will give you more detailed information about my qualification and job responsibilities.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you find me eligible for the position of ophthalmic technician in your organization.

[Your Name]


The above ophthalmic technician cover letter will surely help you write an outstanding cover letter and attract the potential employers. You can add your own creativity to the above cover letter while maintaining a professional approach in your cover letter. Once you write your cover letter, read it thoroughly so that there are no loop holes that can affect your job opportunities in your resume.

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