PC Technician Cover Letter

It is very important that you write a different cover letter for different employers as cover letters are to show the employers that you have the qualities that they are looking for and you can be a beneficial resource for them. This PC technician cover letter is written considering the general requirements in this profile. You can draft a more specific cover letter for yourself if you read and understand the requirements of the employers. You should give a brief introduction of your job experiences and exceptional skills that make you suitable for the particular position. A cover letter written in this format will help you a lot in the recruitment process. It will force the employer to read your resume and consider your profile for the position you are applying for.

The format of this PC technician cover letter is simple. Therefore, it doesn't take much time to draft an impressive cover letter quickly. You can make changes in this format according to your requirement and send it to the employers. The job description of a PC technician which is given here will also help you.

Career Profile for PC Technician:

PC technicians troubleshoot the performance related issues or any other issues with the computer systems. They also help the users by configuring the systems and explaining how they can safely use their systems. PC technicians are also called as desktop support specialists or computer troubleshooters. They should have profound software and hardware knowledge which they can gain by completing a graduate or master's degree in Computer Science. Some renowned companies such as Microsoft, Comp TIA and Novell offer certification courses for people who are willing to work as PC Technicians. These courses will train the employers in all aspects that they have to deal with in their job.

Here is a PC technician cover letter example for your reference. This cover letter will give you an idea of drafting an impressive and proper cover letter to make your job search successful.

Sample PC Technician Cover Letter

Jasmine Hill
568 Sun Sand Street
Pink Dale Cottage
Idaho - 54775
E-mail address: jasmine_hill@anymail.com
Telephone no.: 467-399-3568

September 6, 2011

Anna Lewis
Human Resource Manager
Azure Software Technologies Inc.
Idaho - 43649

Subject: Application seeking position of PC Technician
Reference: Advertisement in jobz123.com portal, ref id: tech3866

Dear Anna Lewis,

I am sending my application for the post of PC technician in reference to the advertisement posted on jobz123.com portal with reference id tech3866. If you are searching for a talented and enthusiastic individual with excellent knowledge of technicalities of the computer software and hardware then I am the one who can meet your expectations.

I have passed certification examination of Microsoft for PC technician after completing my post graduation in Computer Science. I also have an experience of 1 year as a PC technician where I have optimized my skills of solving technical issues and troubleshooting issues with the computer systems. I have the ability to use effective alternatives in case of certain unavoidable circumstances and resolve any difficult system issues.

My resume, attached with this letter for your review will tell you more about my skills. You can call me at my personal number 467-399-3568. If you are unable to reach me at this number you can either mail me or contact me at my alternate telephone number, 347-950-315.

Warm regards,
Jasmine Hill


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