Pipefitter Cover Letter

Sending an application to the employers without appending it with a cover letter shows unprofessionalism and should be avoided if you want to get immediate response from the employers. Cover letters have become an integral part of your job search and they are definitely targeted at getting an interview call from the employer and not a job. You should consider drafting your cover letter by reading the requirements specified by the employer in the advertisement. Give equal importance to all the requirements specified by the recruiter and include each one of them in your letter. This pipefitter cover letter will help you in writing your cover letter.

Job Description for a Pipe Fitter:

Pipefitters help in installation and maintenance of all kinds of pipes in big factories and manufacturing industries. Their responsibilities are same as the plumbers but they need to have expertise in their work as they work in the power plants, explosive manufacturers industries, etc. where there is requirement of perfection. Any manually induced faults while fitting the pipes can cost a lot for the company. They should have the ability to interpret technical designs made by the civil designers and implement them properly using various plumbing tools. Possessing sound technical knowledge will help them in problem solving and finding out small technical defects in the designs made by the layout designers. Installation of the switches and gauges that are used in operating the machines is also a responsibility of the pipefitters. They should also look at the safety issues and provide instructions to the users.

We have provided here a sample pipefitter cover letter as a prospecting cover letter that requests information regarding vacancy for the position. You can use the same format of the cover letter and draft an application cover letter.

Sample Pipefitter Cover Letter

[Job seekers information]
Walter Martin
769 E-Square Street
Autumn Cottage
Jersey City
New Jersey - 28377
Telephone number: 368-898-6767
E-mail id: walter_martin@anymail.com

Date: September 12, 2011

[Employer's information]
Marion Jones
Human Resource Manager
Hydraulic Chemicals Inc.
Jersey City
New Jersey - 73866

Subject: Application seeking position of pipefitter
Reference: Advertisement posted in New Jersey Jobs Magazine

Dear Marion Jones,

I am extremely excited to send my application for the position of pipefitter available with your company. I came to know about this position from the New Jersey Jobs Magazine of September 12, 2011. I feel that I meet your expectations and am a perfect match for the position. I am confident that my technical knowledge and pipe fitting skills will help in adding quality to the pipe installations.

Below is the summary of the skills and traits that I have to offer your organization. My resume will give you a detailed account of my background and capabilities.

It would be convenient for me to work during day shifts. However, I am comfortable working at evening shifts as well. Please consider my resume for more details. If you find my resume matches your job requirements, you can call me at 368-898-6767 or mail me at walter_martin@anymail.com.

Thank you for sparing your valuable time.

Sincerely yours,
Walter Martin

Enclosures/Attachments: [List the attachments in bulleted points or numbers]

Look for minor errors by proofreading your letter when you are done with drafting your pipefitting cover letter. We wish you all the best for a successful and rewarding career.

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