Cover Letter for Radiology Technician

A radiology technician works with a radiology imaging machine to produce images of patient's body parts on a special type of film for further diagnosis. Before the technician start producing the images, there are several preparatory works to be done such as preparing the patient and explaining him or her the procedures and readying the imaging machines. The technicians are trained in producing the images, but they are not supposed to interpret the films and diagnose patients.

The radiology technician cover letter should focus on the applicant's abilities in producing radiographs of patients' body parts following the direction and suggestion of physicians. It should also explain communication skills since the job needs the technician to meet with patients and explain the procedure to them. Further, the employer may as well look for contrast preparing and administering skills in applicants. This skill is essential when the physicians need contrast images in CT scans and MRIs. Lastly, the applicant must mention about the skills to position the machine at correct angle and distance from the patient.

Cover Letter Sample

Sara T. Gilmore
4098 Wright Court
Cahaba Heights, AL 35243
Phone: 205-967-1057

October 3, 2013

Paul M. Kraker
HR Manager
Pioneer Diagnostic Center
2788 Hedge Street
Cahaba Heights, AL 35512

Re: Application for the position of Radiology Technician

Dear Kraker,

I am writing for a Radiology Technician position at Pioneer Diagnostic Center after going through the job posting on Being in the radiography filed for seven years, I am aware of the standard followed by your organization in the health-care field. I have closely seen how your staff works in achieving the reputation that your center has earned as I did my internship here at the start of my career.

I am a certified and registered radiologic technologist by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. In addition, I also possess a Alabama Fluoroscope permit. In the last seven year, I have worked in acute-care setting and have performed countless of radiography exams at Alabama Research and Diagnostic Center.

I enjoy interacting with patients and explaining them about the radiography procedures. During the process, I always ensure that my patients are comfortable and the examination is smooth and simple. My technical knowledge in working with any latest and old imaging machines help in producing the desired results on the films. I can position the machine at correct angle and distance from the patient. I can also measure the thickness of the body part to maintain an accurate density and contrast of the machine.

Furthermore, I can also handle the responsibility of maintaining patient records, make appointments and verify if the radiogram has been checked by the patients and physicians. I have also maintained the stock of the films and prepared requisition for the same.

I am sure that my extensive background and experience of working with imaging machines will contribute in keeping the reputation of your organization. I have enclosed my resume for further details. I am hoping to meet you soon and discuss your needs and abilities to fulfill them. Thanking you for your time.


Sara T. Gilmore

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter expresses the applicant's skills in working the imagining machines, interacting with patients and proficiency in handling the administrative work related to radiography.

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