Support Technician Cover Letter

Every organization needs a good support team working for them. A support technician is a person who only specializes in removing or installing software, take care of the technical issues, and make sure that the configured connections are working well on the system. A support technician acts like a strong backbone in an organization. The support technician will make sure that every network and equipment is running in a smooth manner. In addition, they also have to maintain all the replacement equipment in place, so that they are available for the management any time they require it.

Except for maintaining the smooth functioning of the network, they have to install software and hardware on the laptops or on stationed computers, solve the computer issues that the user is facing, place orders for all the replacement equipment, and after every power outage recover data. A support technician will usually work from a remote workstation, but if the problem is still not resolved then the support technician will visit the user’s workstation. A knowledgeable support technician must have good written and spoken communication skills and a good amount of patience to deal with the issues and a unique personality. One of the highly recommended skills of support technicians is organizational skills, and they must constantly keep themselves updated with the latest trend in the market.

For becoming a support technician, there is no specific college degree required. A person who wants to qualify for this position simply needs to complete a certification for support technician. Along with a certification, a few years of practical experience is also essential to get a job in the same field. However, another deciding factor for getting a job as a support technician is a cover letter. If you have a cover letter sent out with your resume, then the chances of you landing up in a job increases even more. For the same reason, this article will provide you with an example support technician cover letter to give you better guidance.

Sample Support Technician Cover Letter

Samantha Brower
2265 Koontz Lane
North Hollywood, CA91605
Date: March 5, 2011

Ruby Ferguson
The Hilton International
2231 School Street
Washington, DC20024
Dear Ms. Ferguson,

I was glad that you shared the opening of a support technician on your website. I wanted to work with your organization since I don’t remember how long. The Hilton International has been my dream company to work with since I started my professional career. I am writing this application letter with the hope to fill this position, and you can find my attached resume for your review.

As per the requirements that have been listed in your job opening, following are few of my details:

Since the last four years I have worked as a support technician, first I started working with a telecommunications organization, and later, until now I have been working with a software organization as a support technician. These two jobs have given me the right mixture of experience and knowledge in the technical field. In addition, it has also taught me how to function well in a group or on individual basis.

I can assure you that I would prove to be a good candidate for your organization. Therefore, I would request you to contact me at 818-764-0308 to set up a personal interview.

Samantha Brower

Enclosure: Resume

Support technicians have to work round the clock as and when their service is required. Therefore, mention in your cover letter that you have flexible timings. As for the format, you can follow the above written format. Good luck!

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