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A cover letter acts as a driving force to secure an interview for a technology job with the coveted company. It as a great opportunity to sell your skills and demonstrate how you can be an asset to the hiring organization. By writing an impressive technology cover letter, you can appear different than the others and pave a path that leads to the company's interview cabin. By following the tips and customizing this technology cover letter sample given here, you can definitely achieve success in your job search.

Tips for technology cover letter

Introduce yourself in style

After you've addressed the recipient with a proper salutation, introduce yourself in style using the first paragraph. We're not asking you to be flashy by saying 'in style.' Most cover letters that we read talk about how the candidate came to know about the job opening and a couple of reasons about being fit for the job. What we want you to avoid is being a conformist and rather use an unconventional technique to introduce yourself. But make it clear for the readers to understand what position you've applied for.

Show your interest and passion

If you don't want the hiring managers to skim and scan your technology cover letter, express your interest and passion to work with the company. State something good that you've read or heard about the company that transpired into applying.

For example:

The kind of complex IT projects that your company delivers consistently that are impacting the lives of the people and the economy of the nation for good have embedded a deep desire in me to work with you so that I can combine my IT skills and business knowledge to support and become an active contributor to your IoT products.

Emphasize your accomplishments

What you've accomplished in your past employment indicates what you can do in the future. So, highlight your accomplishments and make yourself a worthy competitor for the position. Whatever you contributed to the success of your employers, no matter how small or big, add it in the cover letter like the example below, which is an accomplishment achieved by a web developer.

I have designed and developed hundreds of websites for clients from different industries that skyrocketed their business by 55% owing to the compelling design and features of the site.

Use relevant keywords

Every technology job demands specific skills. That's why to ascertain only deserving candidates apply for the job, companies ask for the required skills and use them as keywords for scanning the cover letter. If the job demands web designing and development skills, include ones that go with the job.

Technology Resume Cover Letter Sample

Ronald E. Loomis
3450 Caldwell Road
Avon, NY 14414
Phone: 585-226-6190

September 28, 2019


Frederick W. Suarez, Hiring Manager ADC Group 3767 Irving Road Avon, NY

Dear Mr. Suarez,

It's good to know that you're looking for a web developer with strong software development skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, familiarity with latest HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript, and experience of keeping web applications secure. My profile exactly matches your requirements, and I believe I can deliver more than what you need.

I hold 6+ years of experience in website development for different industries. I have all the technical expertise that you want for the web developer position advertised on Daily Times today. I have learned the technicalities of the profession by completing a bachelor's degree in web development from ABC University.

I have worked on multiple projects successful in this short span and holds several achievements. But the one accomplishment that I cannot shy away from stating it is the medical website still live on the internet by the name - I have worked on this website from scratch to finish single handedly, and earned several appreciations from different quarters for the site's design, usability, features, and ease of navigation. I have combined all my technical knowhow such as HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JavaScript, .NET for developing the site, and made it a delight to browse. The site has helped my client in accepting online requests for radiology and pathology tests, and making reservations for in-house treatment for patients from other states. Users can also pay for medical services online on the site. I request you to visit the site and assess my web development skills.

I value customer satisfaction a lot and also pay utmost attention for user experience. I love designing and developing complex, dynamic websites that take the success of the business to the next level. Rather than saying confident, I am more conscious in my job and enjoy delivering results that are way beyond clients' expectations.

Without sounding cocky, I would like to add that my web development skills and experience will increase clients' satisfaction by threefold as well as attract more customers to your business. Being cognizant about your busy schedule, may I take the liberty of calling you on Tuesday, September 3 at 11:00 am for an interview? I am available at 585-226-6190 all days of the week from morning 9 to evening 9 just in case you want to discuss something.

Thank you for your time and awaiting a positive response.


Ronald E. Loomis

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