Surgical Technologist Cover Letter

One industry that has been growing since times immemorial is the health care industry and the demand keeps increasing. But, to get a job as a surgical technologist one needs to have an exceptional cover letter, as this will be your first impression on the employer. Every cover letter that you send has to be customized as per the job requirements and also it avoids sending the same generic letter to everyone. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd and force the employer to read your resume. Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing a cover letter:

These are some things to consider while writing a cover letter. However, below you will find a sample surgical technologist cover letter, which gives you a better idea.

Surgical Technologist Cover Letter Sample

Dewey Sanchez
4986 Boone Crockett Lane
Seattle, WA98161


Lucy Bates
Viva Health Solutions
491 Still Street
Scott, OH12345

Dear Ms. Bates,

With my experience in the surgical room, not only do I have an educational background in this field but also a vast work experience as a surgical technologist assistant, and hence, I am writing this application letter to apply for the position of a surgical technologist. When you go through my resume you will come to know that I have a vast experience and I would be the perfect match for this position with Viva Health Solutions.

Below you will find a short summary about my experience and skills that you will also find in a detailed format in my attached resume:

According to my knowledge, an efficient surgical technologist is someone who knows how to work with a surgical team, work properly in coordination with different working conditions and various personalities. I am confident that I have all these skills and these skills would be beneficial for your organization as well. I have also provided a few personal recommendations, which would help in taking your decision.

I would like to meet you, so that we can mutually agree on the job position and requirements. You can give me a call at 360-406-9729 or drop an e-mail at

Dewey Sanchez

Enclosure: Resume

Recommendation letter

Format your cover letter before sending and check for any grammatical errors. All the best!

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