911 Dispatcher Cover Letter

A 911 dispatcher cover letter is given along with the resume. It speaks about your keenness to join the firm you are applying in. It supports your resume and makes it different from the rest of the resumes. Everyone submits resumes, but a cover letter can make all the difference that is needed to attract the recruiter's attention. A 911 dispatcher cover letter should mention the qualities required for the said job profile.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

To avoid repetition of same points reserve some technical qualities aside to put in the cover letter and some for the resume, so that when the employer reads them he or she does not see any repetition.

Some basic points to keep in mind while drafting the 911 dispatcher cover letter are to follow the blocked letter writing format, keeping the letter short and to the point, maintaining a uniform style of writing and formatting, etc. It is better to know the names of the concerned people so that you can address the letter to the person.

Keep the letter away from any decorations in terms of colored font, stylish font face or large size. It is an official letter and keep it that way. Steer clear of silly mistakes, typing errors, etc.

The basic structure of the 911 dispatcher cover letter has to be like the following:

The format for writing the 911 dispatcher cover letter is a very typical one. It follows the blocked letter format where the particulars of the letter are placed at the left hand side.

Name of the Sender
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Contact Number


Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for

Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Letter body

Letter closing

Sincerely Yours,
Name of Sender

Enclosures: You can mention if you have any reference or recommendation letter along with resume in this section.

Sample 911 Dispatcher Cover Letter

Tony D'Souza
Bungalow Magnifique
13-St.John's Lane, Sector D,
Cell Phone Number - 423-376-5613


Mary Samuel
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Johannesburg 911 Emergency Services

Re: Application for the post of 911 Dispatcher

Miss. Samuel,

I write this letter with reference to the notice about vacant 911 Dispatcher's designation in your firm which I came to know from Prompt Recruiting Agency. I can do justice to the work profile the notice says and hence, I am submitting my application for the said post.

I thoroughly revel in the work profile and have gained three years of experience being with New York and Washington Emergency Services. I was responsible for taking calls and moving appropriate teams for action. Hence, I firmly believe I am the right candidate for the position. I would love to seek this opportunity to gain more knowledge by serving in your reputed organization.

Hope that you will consider my application. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,
Tony D'Souza


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Experience Letter
  4. Relieving Letter
  5. Copies of Identity Proof
  6. Copies of Address Proof
  7. Educational Certificates

This was a sample 911 dispatcher cover letter, the job profile and responsibilities shouldered are mentioned just to give you an idea of how to write the letter. Wish you all the luck for your future!

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