Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter

An able bodied seaman job profile requires you to keep a watch being on the deck whether your ship is steered clear of any kind of dangers. You are like a backup that the captain relies on for any kind of intimation of danger or caution. Similarly, as having a backup is always preferred in anything we do then why spare our resume? With such stiff competition everywhere we must put in everything we can to get an employer's attention. An able bodied seaman cover letter does exactly that by mentioning all our strengths and qualities that are of use to the employer. For boosting yourself up and getting employed you have to portray yourself as the best bet and for this you have to prove yourself. A cover letter gives you this scope.

Writing the Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter

The basic format of letter writing is nothing different from any other formal letter. American letter writing format is what is expected. A basic but to the point introduction, body and conclusion has to there. The length of the letter should not be much as you have to divert the employer's attention to the resume. But nevertheless there are some tips we would like to provide for making the able bodied seaman cover letter fruitful. The following points will give a fair gist of how to go about writing this letter:

Sample Able Bodied Seaman Cover Letter

John Ernest
The Riverside Apartments
7th Floor, Flat No. 705
St. George's Street
Cell Phone Number - 102-6329-591


Martin Rudyard
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Mississippi Merchant Vessels

Mr. Rudyard,

Re: Application for the post of Able Bodied Seaman

I am grateful to you for posting the notification of the post of Able Bodied Seaman in your official website dated 08/01/2011. I am interested in applying for the same and become a part of the states' top most company in the exports business. I have served as a Seaman before for the last three years and have acquired experience in handling transports and keeping a vigilant watch. I have been awarded with the title 'Hawkeye' in my previous organization for my efficient performance and deliverance at all cost.

My resume attached herewith is furnished with all my accomplishments and details. I would hereby request you to consider my application as I am sure we can work together for the betterment of your organization. Thank you.

Sincere Regards,
John Ernest


Understand the basics of the selection procedures everywhere. Wherever you go you have to shine through by doing something and when there is no scope for showing that, you have to use some tools to aid you for that purpose. An able bodied seaman cover letter does it for you in this case. Use it to your advantage. Research well about the firm you apply in, brush up on your basics so that you are able to give an impression of a well informed and keen candidate.

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