Assembly Line Leader Cover Letter

Applying for the position of an assembly line leader will need a cover letter to motivate employers in reading the accompanied resume. The letter is necessary to add some extra skills and abilities that resume does not allow. It must highlight specific achievement from the assembly industry. It is necessary to tell the hiring managers that you have the qualities in managing a team of assemblers, and have performed such responsibility with elan.

Tips for Writing an Assembly Line Leader Cover Letter

Why Are You Writing

Everything has a specific purpose. And writing a cover letter is no different. The recipients of the letter must know the reason of writing first. If he or see finds it valid, then only the letter will be read. Hence, kill the curiosity in the first paragraph itself. State that you have seen the company's job advertisement for the applied position on their website or wherever it was published. If the letter is written to inquire about possible job opening, mention that as well. Once the reason is delivered, explain why you have applied it so confidently. For this, include the relevant qualification and experience you have compiled in your career.

A meaty information

The body section of the cover letter is to add meat to the starting paragraph. Let your skills, abilities, qualification and experience talk about your credentials. Add only that information which goes into the job and proves you best. Save other things to talk about during the interview process. You can either make the body section in a paragraph format, or present your qualifications and achievement in a list with bullet points. Include years of experience in handling an assembly team, your way of the work process, knowledge about the assembly industry, abilities to troubleshoot and carry on repair services.

Instigate action

Don't expect the hiring manager to act based on the information provided in the introductory paragraph and body section. Instead, tell him or her that you will make a phone call within a few days to check about your application status. Further, mention that the call would be to answer any questions the recipient may have about your knowledge and skills, and to fix an interview as well. Include your contact details to let the hiring manager not wait for your call, in case he or she wants to speak with you soon.

Sample Cover Letter

Anthony J. Howell
887 Dog Hill Lane
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone: 785-760-3839

December 30, 2013

Lawrence C. Guerrero
Hiring Manager
Genuine Electronics Ltd.
909 Barnes Street
Lawrence, KS 66040

Subject: Application for the position of Assembly Line Leader

Dear Guerrero,

I have read an available vacancy for the position of an assembly line leader published in today's 'Daily News.' After carefully scrutinizing whether I fit in the job position or not, I came to a conclusion that this job advertisement is indeed been published for me only. With all the valid reasons stemming up from my six-year experience from assembly industry, I am posting this cover letter for the said position and am confident that it will excite you go open and read the attached resume.

I believe dexterity, supervision, and diligence are the primal factors that help in the smooth functioning of an assembly line. Along with these factors, the person must also have exceptional leadership qualities. Working as the assembly line leader for the last six year, I have complied great mastery in handling production process for electronics goods. My habit of providing complete attention to details have never failed me in performing quality checks on goods.

My knowledge of the latest updates in the assembly industry, and great quality in troubleshooting and conducting repair works have won many clients for my employers. I have also supervised the packaging process of the finished goods until its shipment. I have worked as per the work order and master plan and ensured that the products meet its specification. My achievement for my present employer includes designing and implementing a production process that has reduced the wastage by 60 percent.

My ability to supervise and lead a team of assembler, and train employees will become an advantage for Genuine Electronics Ltd. I will make a call this Friday to check if you have gone through my job application and possible interview. In case, you are eager to ask any questions to me, I am available from 1:30 pm to 2:30 and thereafter, 17:30 pm. Thank you for your consideration.


Anthony J. Howell

Enclosure: Resume

When applying for the assembly job, ensure that you send a cover letter with your resume to give clear understanding to the employers on your abilities, skills, and experience. The letter allows you to include something unique about your career better than your resume.

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