Assembly Line Worker Cover Letter

Before we start talking about the assembly line leader cover letter, let us ask you a question. When you plan to apply for a job what are the things that you do and are sanguine of making it work for you? In fact, make a small note in your mind asking about, what to do apart from writing the resume? Nothing else? If this is your answer then it is high time you write a one-page letter to the employer talking about your skills and abilities. We will shortly see how it makes a difference in your selection.

An assembly line worker is a professional who is assigned one particular task to do out of the series of processes that go into assembling a certain product. Assembling is a very meticulous job and one of the most important departments of a company. If you know your work well, please mention your strengths in the assembly line worker cover letter as it proves to be a bonus.

When a recruiter goes through a sheaf of papers lying on his desk scanning through the job applications a personal letter to him that exudes confidence is sure to get immediate recognition and gets short-listed. We will see in the following section an example of an assembly line worker cover letter.

Sample Assembly Line Worker Cover Letter

The cover letter given below is just an example you can refer to draft you own letter and we give you some points to take care of for writing the assembly line worker cover letter. They are as follows:

Sample Assembly Line Worker Cover Letter

Benjamin Raven
RSM Dancing Street
New Mansion
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (907) 432 1111


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Officer
Recruiting Department
Bosch Brakes Limited

Dear Miss. Earnest,
Subject: Job application for Assembly Line Worker I feel happy to write to you this letter as a response to the notice you sent out in the online job portal, I have been seeking an opportunity in an Assembly department of a company that deals in automobiles. The reason behind is that I am very passionate about cars and have worked with reputed companies in Detroit till now. I have plans to shift my base to Concord from my present location, Detroit. I have worked for three years in the disc brakes assembly department of Suzuki and Motocorp Automobiles. I have had the fortune of learning all the new technologies used in the breaking systems today.

I am sure you will find me useful on the floor. I am looking forward to meet you next week. I will call you the day after tomorrow i.e., on the 09/22/2011 in the first half of the day for an appointment.

Attached please find my experience and recommendation letter from my manager too.

Thanking you with sincere regards.

Yours truly,
Benjamin Raven


Hope this sample assembly line worker cover letter shows you how to draft the letter. Writing the letter just needs some homework for finding out your sellable strengths so that you can market yourself well and knowing a little about the company you are applying, for customizing the letter. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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