Flight Dispatcher Cover Letter

A flight dispatcher cover letter is no different from the other cover letters. Remember that a lousy cover letter will instantly send your application to trash can before anyone even considers looking at it. It is essential that you keep your cover letter on top of the desk or in the inbox if you are about to get a shot at the job. Here are some things that you need to avoid for surviving in the cut-throat competition:

Here is a flight dispatcher cover letter that will help you further.

Sample Flight Dispatcher Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Kimberly Garcia
651 Mark Lane
Manhattan, NY94857
Mobile: 837-374-1837
E-mail: g.kimberly@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Joshua Dennis
Newark Airport
7264 Lambert Street
New York, NY93841

Date: June 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Dennis,

I am writing to express my interest in the job position of Flight Dispatcher with your organization and hence I am giving my documents for further procedure. I have a good skill of commitment to the position and will offer a well rounded view to the industry of aviation, which would be highly beneficial to Newark Airport.

Below is a summary of my skills and qualifications, which I would be bringing to your organization:

I am aware of the fact that this position can be highly stressful for some but I love this career and enjoy the day-to-day experience. Therefore, I know that I will be a valuable employee and as asset not only for Newark Airport, but for all the pilots that I will be serving.

I would like to set a time to meet you personally and discuss my experience. You can contact me at 837-374-1837 or e-mail me at g.kimberly@example.com.

Kimberly Garcia
Your Signature

You can make your own cover letter in the similar manner.

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