Mail Handler Cover Letter

A good mail handler cover letter can land you into a great opportunity. Cover letter is also called as a letter of introduction. It is always sent along with the resume. Most of the employers look for the candidates who are having the most significant background and required skill sets. For that reason, they shortlist the candidates by the cover letters. Cover letters provide the most exclusive information and employers can pick and choose the candidates. Through cover letters, they screen out the candidates. Employers look for the people who have pertinent professional experience and required skills.

There are three major types of cover letter: the networking cover letter, the application cover letter, and the prospecting cover letter. The networking cover letter requests information in the sender's job search. The application cover letter responds to a known job opening. The prospecting cover enquires about the possible job vacancies. The most commonly used cover letter type is application cover letter.

The resume is used by the applicants to project their background and skill sets. There are many reasons for what the resume is used. The most common reason is to seek the employment. The applicants send the resume along with the cover letter. Some candidates who are new in the job market can use the resume even as a marketing tool. Like cover letter, resume also helps you to market your profile.

A resume includes pertinent job experience and education. Some countries differentiate between the resume and the CV. The resume is supposed to be shorter than the CV. The resume is usually of three pages. Many resume put in the key words that the prospect employers are looking for. As many employers and consultancy are using job portals to search the right candidates, it is important that the resume is larger and comprehensive.

There are three major kinds of resumes: functional resume, hybrid resume, and reverse chronological resume. Your latest assignment would stand first in the list of experience. It is said that those who are not the professional resume writers follow this resume writing method. The functional resumes mostly focus on the pertinent professional experience and skills sets. The hybrid resumes are combination of both functional resumes and reverse chronological resumes.

Sample Mail Handler Cover Letter

John Howard
032, Ponce D Leone Blvd,
Coral Gables, FL-90342
Phone: 903-120-1023
Date: 01.17.2012

Simon Williams
Senior Recruiter,
Pompano Beach Post Office
9043, Park Central Blvd,
Pompano Beach, FL-903423
Phone: 903-102-9021

Dear Mr. Williams,

In pursuant to your advertisement in "Daily Morning Herald", dated January, 11, 2012, I am applying for the position of mail handler in Pompano Beach postal office.

I am an outgoing person and I love to interact with people. I am trustworthy and physically fit to travel by bicycle or walk to various places as and when required. My ability to stand for longer period and flexibility to work in different timings makes me an eligible candidate for this position.

I am a graduate from Florida University and I hold a certificate course in mail handling. I posses exceptional delivery skills and sorting skills and that will surely help me to outperform in this position. Starting my work from Coral Gables Courier Services, I have traveled a long way. I started from scratch and I have handled all the major duties such as removing wrapping from flat bundles, placing the flats in to the Ergo Cart, using mechanized dumpers to move large quantities of bundle mail from mail, placing containers of mail into a cage, and moving individual hampers and dollies.

My experience in operating a PIV such as mule, for kit or pallet jack to move palletizes mail will help me give my quality contribution in mail handling.

I, have, herewith, attached my updated resume for your kind reference. Please take a look at it and update me about the next round of interview. I am looking forward to be employed by you.

Sincerely yours,

John Howard

Enclosures: Resume

The sample mail handler cover letter projects the candidate as ambitious and hardworking mail handlers. It throws light on his accomplishments with reference to his past experience.

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