Manual Labor Cover Letter

The cover letter is sent to the prospective employer along with the resume to claim your suitability for the concerned job position. Your cover letter depicts briefly what your resume discusses in details. Cover letter is called as a first step to catch the attention of the employers. Good cover letters can land the candidates into good opportunities. Some employers screen the cover letters to shortlist the candidates.

The most common type of cover letter is application cover letter, which is sent in response to the job advertisement in newspapers and magazines. The cover letter has three major parts: header, body and conclusion. The header focuses more on the address of both the sender and the receiver followed by the date and the salutation. In the body part of the cover letter, you need to write the concerned skills and knowledge as a professional and highlight your achievements with respect to your past experience.

Manual labor means the one who works using his bones and muscles. It refers to the work done by the people but not by machines. Every job needs some sort skills to be applied. There are some job that requires your physical ability and skills; e.g. fruits and vegetable picking, manual digging etc. Slaves, farmers and servants can be called as manual labor. They work in kitchen, farm, play grounds, and small scale industries.

How to write Manual Labor Cover Letter

We are considering production worker as a manual labor in this resume. After writing addresses of the applicant and the employer, write the salutation. While writing manual labor cover letter, it is important to jot down the relevant skills and physical abilities required by the specific job profile. In the body of the letter, mention the key skills abilities of the candidate. . We need to consider the previous professional experience of the candidate, which should be in accordance with the advertised job requirement. The conclusion should include the candidate's next step after sending the application.

Peter Chadwick
954, Race Course Rd,
Motovia, NJ-09545
Phone: 043-384-8943

Date: December the 12th, 2011

Arnold Peterson
Sr.Recruiter, Murom Industries,
South Blvd,
Napoleon City, NJ-95465
Phone: 945-894-8934

Dear Sir,

With response to your advertisement in "Noon Daily", I am applying for the post of a production worker in your company. I have gone through the advertised job profile; I found that based on my hard work and seven years of experience as a production worker, I will fulfill your requirements.

I started my career with Verona Industries at the age of 18.In my seven years of experience, I have given my regular service in the producing products and services for the company. My search for excellence and perfection in this repetitive work is endless. Being a high school diploma holder, I have a basic knowledge of production process.

I lead the team of six while working for a domestic client on Foot ware production. I have zeal to learn new things and ability to meet the targets in given time period.

If given an opportunity to work with, I will prove an asset to the company. I will demonstrate my skills efficiently and motivate the other workers to achieve the timely goals.

I have enclosed my latest resume for kind reference. Kindly, go through the same and let me know about the further process. I am looking forward to work with you.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Chadwick

Enclosure: Resume

The manual labor cover letter has significantly arranged the skill sets and professional experience of the candidate. This may land you in the next round of selection process.

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