Office Cleaner Cover Letter

An office cleaner cover letter should be sent along with your resume to the employer to increase your chances of getting an interview call. A cover letter is a supporting note that should be written to complement your resume. You should not try to copy everything that is included in your resume into the cover letter and send a duplicate copy of your resume in the form of a cover letter to the employer.

You should try to write a subjective cover letter with minimal words. The employer may find it boring to read a lengthy never ending cover letter so while writing your cover letter; you should focus on making it a short and precise one. You should not include more than three paragraphs in your cover letter. Your cover letter should be effective enough to explain your interests and skills in the job for which you are applying. There some fixed constraints that should be followed while writing your cover letter as in case of any business letter. You should try to use professional language and not an ornamental language while drafting your cover letter.

Job Description for an Office Cleaner:

The main job of an office cleaner is to keep the office clean and maintain a pleasant and work-friendly atmosphere in the office. There are vast employment opportunities for an office cleaner as they can work in any organization such as offices, factories, hotels, etc. They can also work in hospitals and schools. Dedicated and a good cleaner need not worry about getting an employment in this field. Employers mostly prefer a high school diploma holders if they want to hire an office cleaner in the form of a custodian or janitor.

Sample Office Cleaner Cover Letter

(Include your information here)
Name: __________
Address: __________
E-mail id: ___________
Telephone Number: _________

Date: MM/DD/YY

(Include employer's information here. These are mandatory fields in a cover letter if you don't have any of the details, call the employer and get necessary details)
Name: __________
Designation: _________
Address: __________

Subject: (Write the name of the position for which you are sending your application)

Reference: (If you have any references or the source from where you came to know about this job opening, you can include it here)

Dear Mr. ________ (Write the name of the employer here)

I am writing in response to the job requirement posted in the SD Employment News, dated 8/1/11 for the post of a part-time office cleaner. I am interested in getting associated with your firm and help in creating a pleasant work environment with my endurance and positive approach towards work.

I am a first year student and I am currently pursuing my graduation in commerce. I would like to work as a part-time office cleaner in your organization and could also work as a full-time cleaner with flexible timings. I have extensive knowledge of non-toxic cleaning chemicals used for cleaning and could handle cleaning equipments such as vacuum cleaners, floor buffering tools, etc. I am also efficient in cleaning tables, utensils, cups, all sorts of furniture, glass windows, window panes, etc. I can also undertake additional tasks such as opening and closing the office as per the office timings.

With my strong work ethics and ability to pay attention towards detail, I feel that I would be a great help for your organization. It would be my pleasure to meet you and discuss the position personally. I have attached my resume for your reference. You can call me any time on the above mentioned contact details.

Sincerely Yours,
(Write your name or sign here)

Using the above office cleaner cover letter sample you can draft your own impressive cover letter. This format will definitely help you get an interview call from the employer and get you a job opportunity.

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