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Cover letters are an important part of your recruitment process. They help you get interview calls, so you should append a cover letter every time you send a resume to the recruiter. You should devote some time in understanding how these letters are actually written and know their format before you start writing your cover letter. These outreach worker cover letter samples will help you in writing an impressive cover letter. You can also use the job description of an outreach worker given here as a reference while drafting your cover letter.

Career Profile for Outreach Worker:

An outreach worker is one who devotes his time and sweat for the well-being of the community. You can say that he is a social worker. These people need to socialize and reach people who are really in need of help. They help these people enrich their quality of life by planning and organizing various community programs. They also interact with people personally and try to solve their problems. A person should be willing to sacrifice his happiness at times to help the needy people. To work as an outreach worker, it is essential to pass a certification or possess a graduate degree in gerontology or human services. They usually work in government sectors, in hospitals or in private community centers.

Sample Outreach Worker Cover Letter (1)

Patricia Luther
278 Urban Point Street
Los Angeles
California - 27909
E-mail id.: patricia_luther@example.com
Contact number: 279-468-779


Bell Watson
Sr. Outreach Worker
Simons Orphanage
Los Angeles
California - 30037

Subject: Seeking the position of outreach worker at your orphanage
Reference: Liam Gill

Dear Mr. Bell,

It gives me great pleasure to know that your orphanage is looking for outreach worker who can help children improve their standard of living. I came to know about this position from my friend Liam Gill who is currently working in your orphanage.

I have been working as a social worker and participated in many workshops in different communities. I have willingness and devotion toward my work and am ready to sacrifice my life for the benefit of people. I can understand basic requirements of children and can do my best to give them satisfaction.

I can handle children of all age groups. You can refer my resume to know my work and contribution towards the society. Please call me on the above mentioned phone number or mail me.

Sincerely yours,
Patricia Luther


Sample Outreach Worker Cover Letter (2)

Howard Cox
904 Curve Rd.
House No. 12
Texas - 82908
Contact number: 527-463-7390
E-mail correspondence: howard_cox@anyhow.com


Dr. Diaz Perry
Senior Doctor
Perry Rehabilitation Center
Texas - 27993
United States

Dear Dr. Diaz,

I am enclosing my resume along with my cover letter with an interest to work as an outreach worker with your organization. If you have any openings for the said position, please consider my profile.

I have been working as an outreach worker since 5 long years. I have experience of assisting and counseling children, adults and old people. I am very good at understanding their problems and giving proper solution to them. I can also arrange workshops for people of various communities and organize various social activities to help them. I assure you that my help and support will surely make a difference in the life of people who are really in need.

Review my resume to know more about my work in different sectors of community. My contact number is 527-463-7390 and my e-mail id is howard_cox@anyhow.com. You can reach me at any time.

Thanking you.

Howard Cox

Enclosure(s): Resume

Hope you found the above given outreach worker cover letter examples useful in writing an impressive letter.

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