Packer Cover Letter

Sending a well-drafted cover letter along with your resume will surely boost up your career by getting you more and more job opportunities. Everyday recruiters are piled with applications and they need someone who can benefit their organization from their talent. A cover letter can be used as a tool to show the employers your credentials which can be useful for his organization. You should show your interest in the job position you are applying for through your cover letter. Format of a cover letter is same for all but you the way of presenting your credentials to the employer can be different. The packer cover letter example given here will help you in writing your cover letter.

Researching about the organization will help in writing your letter. Your cover letter should be addressed to some person in the organization who is responsible for the recruitment process. If you don't know whom to address your cover letter then call the employer and get the details from him. Don't write more than three short paragraphs in a cover letter.

Career Profile for Packer

A packer packs finished goods in containers and makes them ready for transportation. Packers usually wok in warehouses, grocery stores, departmental stores, and in transportation companies. A packer has to follow standard packaging methods that differ from one company to other and label the packed containers and goods appropriately. A high school diploma is sufficient to work as a packer on part-time or full-time basis. Packers need to be physically fit and they should be able to lift heavy materials with hands. Especially, men are hired in this job if the packaging products are heavy and require more physical strength. They also have to check the container properly before they pack goods within them and follow proper hygiene while packing them, especially if these are edible products.

Here is a sample cover letter of a packer which can be sent along with your resume when you are applying for the position of a packer.

Sample Packer Cover Letter

Owens Fisher
466 KRL Street
Grand Avenue
Arizona - 78993
United States
Contact number: (346)-800-2356
E-mail id:

Date: August 17, 2011

Jim Wills
Crunch Food Products
Arizona - 25789
United States

Subject: Application for the position of packer
Reference: Advertisement in Employment TT News

Dear Mr. Jim,

I am sending my resume with reference to your advertisement for the position of packer on part-time basis for your organization. I have extensive knowledge of packing and storage methods adapted by the companies and willing to work with your organization.

I have been working with Jelly Food Products for 6 months on full-time basis as packer. Currently I am pursuing my graduation so I want to work on part-time basis in your organization. I have experience of packing food products of all sizes and can follow hygienically safe methods in packing. I can also work on weekends and can handle extra work responsibilities such as labeling the packed products and shipping them to proper containers for transportation purpose.

You can refer the enclosed resume to know more about my qualification and experience in packaging. I have also enclosed some other certificates for your review. Please revert to me if you find me eligible for this position. My contact number is 346-800-2356 and my e-mail correspondence is

Deepest gratitude and regards for reading my letter.

Sincerely yours,
Owens Fisher

Attached documents:

The above given packer cover letter can be used as a specimen while writing your cover letter. Make changes in this letter if necessary.

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