Cover Letter for Personal Support Worker

Personal Support Worker or PSW offers permanent or temporary services to customers either at their home, nursing homes, or hospitals who are suffering with disability. They might work for a family, an individual and are appointed either by the home-care agencies, government and non-profit organizations. Since the demand for home support services or care is more, many skilled people are also self-employed.

A position in any of the organizations requires a resume and a cover letter. While the former is necessary in explaining details of your experience and qualification, the latter is important in expressing your enthusiasm and worthiness for the job.

Some Important Tips to Write Cover Letter

  1. A cover letter, no matter for which position or to what type of organization it has been written for, would carry a particular format. The format must include an applicant's name and contact details, date, details of the employer, three to four paragraphs, and writer's signature.

  2. Start the letter with a formal greeting followed by the hirer's last name. Then begin the introductory paragraph stating the reason to apply. Include the job title or position to avoid any confusion.

  3. Include the main and important points from your work experience and describe them in the next two or three paragraphs. Try to be creative in a formal manner when highlighting your skills. At the same time, ensure that you are not copying your resume.

  4. The next paragraphs are used for talking about your personal strengths, additional skills related to the position. You can describe your compassion, kindness, friendly attitude, patience, etc. that is necessary in the PSW job.

  5. Finish the letter by stating how you would want to be contacted by the employer. Mention the mode of contact and available time. You can even express how and when you will contact the recruiter. Lastly, express your thanks for the readers' time and consideration.

Cover Letter Sample

Hans Fleetwood
2701, Kenwood Place
Charlotte, North Carolina 35910
Phone: 954-201-8376

September 01, 2013

Angela T. Long
Hiring Manager
Hayden Healthcare Foundation
3116, Lakeland Terrace
Charlotte, North Carolina 35911

Re: Application for the position of Personal Support Worker

Dear Ms. Long,

This application is in response to the advertisement published in 'The Times' dated September 30, 2013 for a Personal Support Worker position at Hayden Healthcare Foundation. I am fortunate to have seen the job posting and very enthusiastically applying for the same. Since a First Aid or a CPR certification and three-year experience are compulsory for the job, I am convinced that I can be a perfect fit.

As my enclosed resume would speak about my skills and experience to you, I would like to mention the major aspects of the job here. I am comfortable and skilled in assessing the needs of the clients, organizing and planning my daily activities, preparing and serving prescribed meals. I have offered personal care and compassionate home support service to patients of all age. In addition to primary duties, I can perform housekeeping and cleaning work efficiently. My training and experience have helped me in assisting clients in all types of minor and major activities such as sitting, standing, bending, kneeling, walking, and exercising.

Since I have always loved helping people in need, and nothing gives me as much pleasure other than assisting someone who has lost his disability, I can easily meet the standards of your organization has set in support services. I would like to explain to you how I can be of use to Hayden Healthcare Foundation when we meet. Please inform me when can we possibly meet either through a phone call or email. In case you are too busy, I will call you on Friday at noon. Thank you for allowing me to apply for the position.


Hans Fleetwood

This personal support worker cover letter is a best example to express your compassion, enthusiasm, and skills for the job. Copy and edit it matching to your own profile.

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