Picker Packer Cover Letter

Cover letters are the easiest letters to write if you know how to write them and what to include within them. Whenever you are applying for a particular job position, it is essential that you send a cover letter as well. This accompanying letter is important and helpful for the employer to screen and value your credentials and consider you for a particular profile. The picker packer cover letter example and picker packer cover letter format given here will help you in drafting an impressive cover letter. You can format this letter according to your requirements but make sure that you write a short cover letter suitable to the resume you are sending.

Picker Packer Career Profile:

Picker packers work in a warehouse and handle dual responsibilities of picking goods depending upon the codes and then packing them properly for shipment. A picker packer needs to pass high school diploma. However, education is not mandatory for this profile if they have required experience and knowledge. Even beginners willing to learn have better job opportunities in this field. There are opportunities to work with different industries and should have profound organizational and management skills.

Picker Packer Cover Letter: Format

Name: __________
Address: __________
E-mail address: ___________
Phone number: _________

Date: (Current date in month/date/year format)

Name: __________
Designation: _________
Company Name: ________
Address: __________

Subject: (Short single line subject statement to tell the purpose of your letter)

Reference: (References can be advertisement in newspaper, job portal, a friend, etc.)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. ________,

Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph should tell the employer whether you are sending your application for a particular position or you are enquiring about a particular position. It should depict the purpose of your letter. If you are sending an application for particular position then you should also mention the references in this paragraph.

Middle Paragraph: This second paragraph of the main body should contain your information such as your skills, your qualifications for the position and your previous work experiences. They should be provided in short, just highlight all the points. You can also mention them in 3-4 bulleted points.

Closing Paragraph: The final closing part of your letter can be used to express your thanks to the employer for reviewing your cover letter. You can use statements like thank you for your consideration, thank you for your time, etc., in this final paragraph.

(Regards/ sincerely/ truly)

(Write your name or sign here)

Attached documents:
(Include the documents attached with this letter in bulleted points preferably)

Sample Picker Packer Cover Letter

Janet Davis
110 Revere Street
56 Cuppers Cottage
San Antonio
Texas 57869
Phone number: 578-799-4567
E-mail id: janet_davis@email.com

Date: August 24, 2011

Paul Hall
Warehouse Manager
Richie Electro Manufacturers
San Antonio
Texas 75990

Subject: Application for the position of picker packer

Dear Mr. Paul,

I am sending this application for the position of picker packer in your warehouse. I came to know about this position form the advertisement on XC News paper of last week, dated August 17, 2011. I have the necessary experience in sorting and packing products of all sizes and shapes.

I have been working as a picker packer in Union Warehouse which is next to your warehouse. I am looking for a change and pleased to work with your company. I have ability to sort out the products depending upon their codes and pack them properly as per the company standards and ensure their safe shipping. My expert organizational skills and instructional skills will be an added asset for this.

Feel free to mail me at janet_davis@email.com or call me at 578-799-4567. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,
Janet Davis


Hope the picker packer cover letter given above helps you. Also never discuss your salary details in cover letter.

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