Production Runner Cover Letter

If you want to work as a production runner, you must present a professionally written production runner cover letter. No, we are not saying that it guarantees your appointment. That totally depends on your performance during the interview. To reach the interview round, your first step is to apply for the job and give a clear explanation of your legibility which is possible only through the cover letter.

A production runner is commonly employed in every organization. This is an entry level position wherein the runner is required to assist in almost every organizational process. For example, a production runner in a film or television production assists the directors, producers, actors and other staff and also performs housekeeping activities, arranging food and refreshments, etc. Similarly, a restaurant runner assists the kitchen staff and waiters and also cleans tables and kitchen platforms. In an office, a runner takes care of paperwork, delivers messages and mails, transports documents to clients, etc. Thus the job title being similar, responsibilities vary with the work nature of the organization and skills of the production runner.

How to write a Production Runner Cover Letter

All good things come at a price. A good job is no different although it does not carry a price tag literally. It rather costs some time and efforts which you put in to prepare your production runner cover letter. Once you write it perfectly and present to the employer, you can be assured of your selection for the interview. The format of this cover letter is the same as any other letter that begins with the writers' introduction, carries the necessary information and ends with a conclusion. The only difference is in the content and language which needs to be correct in every respect.

Using the sample production cover letter as a source of reference, you can easily draft a personalized cover letter.

Sample Production Runner Cover Letter

John Harbinger
2540, Mason Lane, Merchantville Square
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Date: November 26th, 2011

Jason Stewart
Head - Staffing and Training
Cosmic Tales
290, Oxford Business Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Jason,

In reference to the job of production runner listed on Central Jobs Portal, I am sending my application and credentials for your reference. Please spare some time to read my application and you will definitely find me suitable for this position.

You will be pleased to know that I have already worked as production runner for various television programs as a freelancer and also with Grapevine Productions, a leading production house based in San Diego specializing in production of documentary and corporate films. Having worked for numerous high budget projects, I have acquired in-depth knowledge of film and television production.

My area of expertise lies in multitasking that makes me an efficient employee without being jack of all and master of none. If required, I can learn and adapt new techniques at workplace to increase my efficiency and also assist the fellow workers. My physical and mental vigor keeps me on my toes and working for long and irregular hours is something I am habitual to.

It would be a pleasure to meet you in person to discuss further about my qualifications and job prospects. If you feel that the information provided in my application and resume is not sufficient, please contact me according to your convenience. Hoping for a positive reply from you that will initiate a fruitful association.

Sincerely yours,
John Harbinger

Now is the time that you go ahead and prepare an effective production runner cover letter similar to the sample one provided above. Stay confident and positive and you will definitely reach to the zenith. All the best for your future!

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