Sewer Cover Letter

The main job of the sewer is to alter or design a fabric with the help of sewing machines, threads, needles, and many more. These professionals are in a huge demand these days because of the ever increasing craze for fashion. Sewers are professional tailors who will sew the entire cloth assemble and then start joining all the fabrics with the use of maneuvering thread, hand needles and sewing machines. Sewers who are employed in high-end retail stores are responsible for choosing the material, studying the style of the cloth, and altering garments as per the standard size given by the organization.

In addition, sewers will also have to measure the cloth size depending on the requirements of the manufacturer, design, fabric, and the fitting sizes. There are many other generic sewing duties such as altering of stitched clothes, fixing the hem line, attaching the zippers, and making customized jackets and shirts. Except for these skills every sewer must possess manual dexterity, a good coordination skill, an eye for detail and finding minute stitching detailing. Moreover, they must always be able to communicate and follow the instructions given by clients, and keep doing the same work for repetitive hours.

When you apply for a job as a sewer you will have to keep a few things in mind such as:

Now, you can have a look at the sample sewer cover letter and then draft your own letter.

Sample Sewer Cover Letter

Cedric Shorter
177 Mulberry Avenue
Conway, AR72032

Leonard Sok
Recruitment Head
Hermes Berkins Cooperation
Bellevue, WA98004
February 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Sok,

Re: Sewer Position (Ref. #83635)

Being in the fashion industry has always been my dream and being a sewer is my contribution to this grand industry. Today, I am conveying my interest to join your organization for the post of a sewer as advertised in Chicago Times. I have been working as a sewer for as long as I remember and this is the only profession that I want to work with for my entire professional life.

At the age of 16, I took up sewing as a hobby, and very soon it became something that I wanted to do as a professional. I started taking sewing classes and I have worked with some of the best known brands as a sewer since the last four years. My learning experience has helped me work on different kinds of sewing machines and I am aware of how I need to use those machines for different textures of clothes.

Prior to this I have also done some arrangements for garments, which is most of the time used for industrial purpose and sewing techniques. In addition, I have learn how to alter garments, stitching them back in the right manner, and what kind of stitching styles should be used.

Most of the people see sewing as merely a career, but for me it is pursuing my dream. I am proud of all the work that I have done so far and I always make sure that everything I do is rich in quality. If in your opinion I may be the right choice for this profession, then I would request you to contact me at 501-342-7858. I look forward to meeting you personally.


Cedric Shorter

Enclosure: Resume

Any profession these days has fierce competition and you always have to stand above the rest. The first process to get the job is getting the interview, and you will get this call only if your cover letter is impressive. Therefore, draft a sewer cover letter filled with your skills and qualifications.

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