Support Worker Cover Letter

Your support worker cover letter is far from being a generic document or informal application. It is a very specific set of information that supports your resume. Writing a cover letter for the job of support worker has become a prerequisite and employers rely largely on the information that you provide in the cover letter.

The basic structure of a support worker cover letter is divided into three parts. The first part carries your and the employers details along with the subject line of the letter. Here you need to provide complete contact information to establish a channel of communication for the employer. The second part explains why you want to join this organization and how do you qualify for this position. Be very specific while explaining your experience, achievements and key skills. Once done, conclude your letter and inform the employer of the enclosures. Also thank the employer for being kind to read your letter. Once everything is in order, proofread and correct any mistakes before applying for the job.

Job description of a Support Worker

Support workers work in different organizations and in different capacities. For example, clinical support workers work in a health care center, whereas a technical support worker may work in a technical organization. Depending on the exact position, the job responsibilities vary but the basic function of a support worker is to support the employer, client, patient or any other staff. As a support worker, you need to be a people's person who can easily communicate and provide the necessary support to the needful. You also need to be patient to handle the stress that comes along with this job.

A sample of support worker cover letter will show you the standard format and the writing style that needs to be adopted for creating an effective cover letter.

Support Worker Cover Letter Sample

Marc Jackson
12, Prince Apartments, Jacinta Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 34250
United States


Maria Osborne
Recruitment Officer
Central Support Facility
Boston, Massachusetts 34261

Subject: Application for the position of Family Support Worker posted on your website

Dear Maria,

I came across your website and saw that you are hiring Family Support Workers for the new facility to be launched next month. I find this opportunity to be a promising one as I know that your facility is one of the topmost health care facilities in Boston and I would be highly pleased if I get a chance to provide my services to your organization.

I have been working with Jacobs Health care Foundation for the past eight years. In this period, I have come across a lot of families who have been facing some sort of crisis in their lives. I have always managed to provide exceptional support to each and every family in the most complicated situations. I understand that this job brings in a lot of stress which I can cope with owing to my patient and confident nature. I am passionate to bring happiness into other peoples' lives and the satisfaction derived from this activity is what I crave for.

I am very thankful to you that you took time to read my letter. You can contact me on the telephone number and on e-mail id too. I do expect a positive reply from you and I would be pleased if you find time to arrange a meeting for further discussion.

Enclosed: Copies of mark sheets, experience letter, reference letter and resume

Sincerely yours,
Marc Jackson

You do not need to spend hours to write a support worker cover letter. Just follow the format provided here and make changes in information to make it a personalized cover letter. Stay confident and positive when you appear for an interview and win the employers' confidence.

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