Youth Care Worker Cover Letter

Youth care workers help children and teenagers with emotional and behavioral issues. They are hired by residential facilities providing services to homeless, runaway, and troubled youths. Analyzing psychological problems and planning mental and physical therapies for young children are the daily activities done by the care workers. These workers also document and keep records of the therapy or treatment provided, including the progress of patients or children.

When the job is so based on psychological capabilities, applicants have to prove expertise in assessing and correcting emotional problems. In this regard, a cover letter is a fine opportunity to display your job strength even without meeting the hiring people. The advantage of this job application is to introduce yourself and tell employers why they should hire you. The sample given below will help in gaining an edge over competitors.

Youth Care Worker Cover Letter Sample


Jess H. Hayes
4629 Tenmile
Newport News, VA 23603
Phone: 757-887-6606

September 10, 2015


Jordan A. Mundy
Hiring Manager
Angel Youth Services
3172 Eagle Drive
Newport News, VA 23601

Dear Mr. Mundy,

I am greatly impressed by the kind of activities your organization is doing for the youth of this country. I am totally in consent with your ideology of training youth to become a responsible citizen capable of supporting in the country's development. To work on our ideologies, I would like to apply for a Youth Care Worker position. I believe together we can do the impossible and contribute towards building a strong and confident nation.

I have worked with thousands of troubled youths in my five years of career. I have developed, supervised, and monitored countless of rehabilitation programs for teenagers having emotional and behavioral issues. My background of psychology and teaching has helped me in designing activities with strong potential of fueling interest for study and skill building in juvenile. With my current employer, I am mentoring a group of 250 residential youths from different backgrounds.

I have interviewed young people, identified their problems, raised their issued with the concerned authorities, and provided complete support for their rehabilitation. I am experienced in liaising with government authorities and arranging for food, shelter, clothing, and educational materials.

I feel working with your organization will give me opportunities to reach young people of far-of places and do something good for them. I hope you will consider my job application and arrange a personal meeting soon. I will call you on September 18 to know your decision. Thank you for your efforts and time.

Yours sincerely,

Jess H. Hayes


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