Acting Resume Template

Acting resume template

Resume submission is very critical for an aspiring actor. A casting director or theater companies get thousands of resumes everyday. Therefore, in order to stand out in the crowd of applicants your resume template needs to be professionally prepared. A professional resume presentation is vital for a serious actor.

Elements of Acting Resume Template

The Important elements of acting resume template include roles played in dramas, TV serials and movies. One of the critical factors that acting resume shall list is the training undertaken and workshops attended by the aspiring candidate. Trainings and workshops conducted by eminent theatre personalities carry weight and therefore must be mentioned in the acting resume template. Do not forget to mention the special awards & Honors won as they are testimony of your acting skills.

Language and other Skills

Proficiency in multiple languages and dialects is always considered an added advantage for an acting career. Music, dance skills coupled with athletic skills are appreciated nowadays in the film industry. One needs to enlist these skills into resume template; in order to make it attractive and eye-catching.

Add an attractive headshot

Do include a glamorous headshot of your face in your resume. After all, facial expressions make lasting impact on casting director. Including your headshot proves to be quite handy in your acting resume template.

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Sample Acting Resume Templates

Acting Resume Template

Address: 8746, Main Street,
 Denver, CO. 01541,
 (578)-456 7890.

John Drucker

Vital Statistics:

Sex: Male
Height: 6' 2"     Weight: 69 kg,
Eyes: Blue         Hair: Black
Vocal: Tenor


1) Character: James "Adventurous Life" Denver Co
    Dir. Name: Jacob Brown 10/99 East Side Troupe
2) Character: Alex "Seven Days Journey" Los Angeles, CA
    Dir. Name: Darren Walsh 4/2005 Sunrise Studios
3) Character: Charles "The Desire" Los Angeles, CA
    Dir. Name: Alan Davis 4/2007 Sunrise Studios
1) Character: Stuart "Last Shot" Universal Productions
2) Character: Francis "Rising Sun" Warner Studios
1) Lead "Two Brothers" NDC
2) Lead "Ailing Master" Mayer Productions

M.A., Dramatics, 2002, American University, Chicago IL
Concentration: Contemporary American Drama, Satirical Theatre
Director: Jack Dawson

Musical - Guitar and Trumpet
Accents – British and French
Languages – Italian & Polish

Awards & Honors:

References available upon request

Sample Actor Resume Template

Simon Adams
231, East Street,
Edmonton, CO. 01541,
Phone: (978) 542 7861

Vital Statistics :
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 69 kg,
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Vocal: Tenor
Age: 29

Objective : Seeking a break as a lead actor for movies & commercial ads.

Experience :

Education :

Computer Skills :

Additional Skills :

Awards & Honors :

References available upon request.

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