High School Resume Template

A High school resume template needs to be created aptly to highlight necessary skills the prospective employers are looking for. Majority of the times, employers do not find the information they want in the high school resume template. Therefore, it's critical to highlight the necessary information of the candidate that fits to the requirement of the position applied.

Structure of High School Resume template

Here are the sections that are to be covered, creating the high school resume template. Important elements of the high school resume template include career objective, summary of skills and educational details.

Summary of Skills

Your skills summary must be in sync with the career objective stated at the beginning of the resume. This similarity between various aspects of skills and career objective will surely aid you to get an interview call.


Do list your educational qualification with the most recent one at the top. It essential to state the related course works along with institute attended. You can also mention the year in which you are expected to complete graduation.

Awards & Memberships

In addition to the above details, you can also include awards &; honors won in various competitions. It's advisable to mention memberships to clubs, organizations and affiliations if any.

Sample High School Resume Template 1

Sharon White
123, Elamville Street
Ariton, AL 45678
Phone: (123) - 789456

Ariton High School, Ariton, Alabama

ABC retail, LLC
Office Assistant

Child Care


Volunteer Experience


Computer Skills: Working knowledge of Ms Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Internet.

Sample High School Resume Template 2

A high school resume shall emphasize your career objective, academics, work experience and volunteer experience. An effective high school resume template showcasing skills relevant to the job applied enhances your chances of getting an interview call. Here is the sample high school resume template that you can use.

David Walker
35th East Street,
Manhattan, NY 12345
Phone: (221) 456123

Objective: Seeking the position of sales person in a clothing retail outlet to gain knowledge about booming fashion industry

Experience: Jimmy Sports Club, 2007-2008
Swimming trainer

ABC Library, PQR high School, 2006-2007
Library Assistant

Volunteer Experience

DEF School for the blind, 2005
Book Reader

School Organization

Debate club, 2004-2006

Student Representative Council

Xavier High School, Manhattan, New York

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